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Top 5 Penny Stocks To Watch: 

On Main Street We Say..., "If It's Not Making Dollars, well..."
GPSM  |  Will Bell  |  October 12th, 2023
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It's Not Making Sense:

Discover Our Top Potential Performers for Your 2023 Stock Watchlist and Stay Ahead in the Market!

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Now that you have your subscription...


...and despite the fact that meme stocks are on their way out, here are the 5 penny stocks that I found that have the potential to rise.


BTW, earlier this week I made $2,500.00 net profit on ERBB. I felt good about that because I got into it late. Keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, David B.

My Top 5 Penny Stock To Watch Throughout 2023:

1.VAALCO Energy (NASDAQ: $EGY$ Get my report here)

2.Grom Social Enterprises (NASDAQ: $GROM$ Get my report here)

3.Globalstar (NYSEAMERICAN: $GSAT$ Get my report here)

4.Senseonics (NYSEAMERICAN: $SENS$ Get my report here)

5.Gaming in the Super League (NASDAQ: $SLGG$ Get my report here)

These Are The Penny Stocks I'm Keeping An Eye On For Strong Bullish Price Action Before The EOY '23 And Here's Why.


"Remember that you are not required to trade every day. Develop the patience to wait for the best possible setups."

Far too many traders take random setups, which result in random results. 


Take your time guys.

My Penny Stock List For 2023 #1: Grom Social Enterprises $GROM$

Grom Social Enterprises is a social network founded by the kid Zach Marks [$100MM company] to stop online bullying amongst teens ($GROM$)

Anchor 2

Grom Social Enterprises, which operates a more family-friendly social networking platform, took off in 2021. 

Even though as of today it's trading for less than $1 per share and despite the fact that the meme frenzy has died down, the stock touched right under $7.00 a share before a mean pullback.  


Despite the fact guys that its most recent meme-fueled run appears to be coming to an end, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a bullish price retracement.


This is largely due to how much the price moved as a result of a single piece of news


Grom's most recent hot run was fueled by news that the company had improved the security of its platform, as well as news that the company had completed a successful capital raise through a private placement, as reported publicly on October 22. 


If discoveries like these (which, in the grand scheme of things, are insignificant) could be the catalyst for such significant changes... 


... then it's easy to see the company's next round of business improvements will have a similar effect. 


What's The Catch, And Why Is The Stock Under $1.00 A Share? 

If you buy this stock today, you're betting on the possibility of another round of funding, rather than on the company's management fundamentals developments. 


Despite the fact that revenues are expected to nearly double between 2021 and 2022 (from $10.4 million to $19.9 million), the company's mediocre results the previous year raise questions about whether this is a realistic expectation. 


If the meme buzz fails to materialize again and the company releases data that falls short of these forecasts, as it did last year, the stock price could plummet and be at a serious buy. 

Caution is always advised when trading, but if you're looking for a penny stock meme play with the potential to resurface, this could be it.

My Penny Stock List For 2023 #2: Globalstar $GSAT$

Globalstar is one of the year-end 2023 penny stocks with tremendous upside potential ($GSAT$)

Anchor 3

GSAT's stock price has skyrocketed as a result of rumors that it is nearing a deal with Apple as a customer.


Unfortunately, as recent news reported, it is unlikely that the tech giant will enter into a partnership with Apple in the near future to provide satellite access for iPhones. 


What's the bright side to this trade folks?


This isn't the only potential catalyst that could send this stock back into overdrive in the near future.


The company's new emphasis on providing connectivity for the rapidly expanding Internet of Things market enables it to secure large-scale contracts with other major corporations guys... 


... So really, because of the company's low stock price, any news of a deal will almost certainly result in a significant increase in the stock's price action.


Another appealing factor of Globalstar is that the company's fundamental value may be significantly higher than what the market currently believes it is worth.


The potential value of the company's C-band spectrum, as well as other "hidden assets" and a "buy" rating on the stock, justifies a price target of around $3.25 per share.


That's not bad for a stock that's currently trading at $1.16 per share!


Keep an eye on $GSAT$ stock now that the Apple rumors are no longer a factor, and be prepared for it to soar if other potential transactions come to fruition.

My Penny Stock List For 2023 #3: VAALCO ENERGY $EGY$

Anchor 1

VAALCO Energy is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company headquartered in Texas. It focuses on properties in West and North Africa and western Canada.

  • High dividend yield: VAALCO Energy has a dividend yield of around 6%, which is a rarity among penny stocks. This means that for every $100 you invest in VAALCO Energy, you can expect to receive around $6 in dividends each year.

  • Production growth: VAALCO Energy's production grew by 43% in 2022, and the company expects to continue growing production in the future. This growth is being driven by the company's exploration and development activities in West and North Africa and western Canada.

  • Strong balance sheet: VAALCO Energy has a strong balance sheet with no debt and over $100 million in cash on hand. This financial strength gives the company the flexibility to pursue growth opportunities and weather any economic downturns.

  • Experienced management team: VAALCO Energy has an experienced management team with a proven track record of success. The team has a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry and is well-positioned to execute on the company's growth plans.

  • Attractive valuation: VAALCO Energy is currently trading at a relatively low valuation. This means that investors have the opportunity to buy shares of the company at a discount to its intrinsic value.

Overall, VAALCO Energy is a well-run company with a strong financial position and a bright future.


The company's high dividend yield, production growth, and experienced management team make it an attractive investment for investors seeking income and growth.

However, it is important to note that there are also some risks associated with investing in VAALCO Energy.


These risks include the volatility of the oil and gas industry, the company's exposure to political risks in the countries where it operates, and the possibility of production declines. 

My Penny Stock List For 2023 #4: Senseonics Holdings, Inc ($SENS$)

Senseonics Inc. is a penny stock with tremendous growth potential ($SENS$)

Anchor 4

Senseonics, which exploded during the first meme wave, has managed to keep the majority of its profits.


And for good reason: Eversense, the company's flagship product, a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, has the potential to become a widely used device among diabetic patients in the future. It will be especially useful once the FDA approves a 180-day version of its medicine. 

Sales of this monitor, which only needs to be replaced twice a year, are expected to skyrocket if the company can successfully promote it. 


Alternatives to standard glucose monitoring methods will become less expensive, making them more accessible as a result. 

Because of its partnership with Ascensia Diabetic Care, a market-leading player in the diabetes product field, it is well-positioned to ramp up commercialization when the time comes.


$SENS$ has a market capitalization of $1.73 billion as of today's prices (just under $4 per share), indicating that much of the company's future upside potential has already been factored into the stock price. 

Any progress with the FDA, on the other hand, will almost certainly help it rise through the ranks. 


Perhaps it will rise above penny stock levels and toward its all-time high of $5.56 per share. 


The possibility of being short-squeezed as a result of its significant short interest (19.2 percent of outstanding float) increases the likelihood of the stock rallying in the near future.

My Penny Stock List For 2023 #5: Super League Gaming ($SLGG$

In the Super League, there is a lot of gaming ($SLGG$) 

Anchor 5

As implied by the company's name, Super League Gaming is heavily involved in the esports industry. 


The stock traded for a significant premium to its current value (approximately $3.30 per share) earlier this year, during a period when esports games were in high demand.

EOY 2021 saw an increase in interest in the $SLGG$ stock, which is good news before the current pullback. 


While the company's primary business activity is the operation of esports platforms, this is not the cause of its financial issues. 


In reality guys, it has everything to do with the company's recent acquisition of Bloxbiz, a company that sells advertisements that are displayed within virtual worlds, such as those provided by Roblox, and other similar services.

It is almost certain that the upward trend in all things Meta will pull back and price consolidation will take place in this industry group. 

Nonetheless, this acquisition may put it on the path to increasing its revenues.

Getting your buy order, while the stock is still down significantly from its all-time high, may prove to be a profitable decision in the long run.

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Why Should You Consider Penny Stocks As A Trading Tool For Your Wealth?

"Penny stocks are prone to scams," as you've probably heard and seen in the movies like The Wolf of Wall Street. Perhaps even your financial advisor advised you that "penny stocks are a very high-risk investment."


Well, folks here are the facts I've come to terms with over 20 years of trading penny stocks and Big-Caps...


Penny stocks are NOT suitable for long-term investments. It's like raising a family in a Hotel vs a House.


A ton of penny stock companies fail or reinvent themselves and pivot to whatever is hot (like NFTs) and get a short-term spike. Most of these companies don't have enough cash for their daily operations.


But that is what makes penny stocks so appealing. Others consider penny stocks to be investments. To put it another way, they buy into the ultra hype and rewards do come. 


In The Art Of War for penny stock investing, however... those traders generate massive volatility for small-caps which enables me and my subscribers to focus on winning 7 out of 9 trading contests. 


The best part is that you can use learn to identify common patterns of profits too. Then it's just a matter of discovering which ones will be supernovas...


How to Pick the Best Penny Stocks to Trade

We created our penny stock Signal Alerts to increase our win percentages and our Trading Newsletter called Golden Penny Stock Millionaires.


Having said that, members would still email always, and ask how we go about selecting so many winning stocks.


A list of all penny stocks on just the OTC would take you days to sift through.


Even a list of the top 100 penny stocks would be insufficient. You must delve deeper.


Here's a smart tip to get started.

  • Look for high-percentage gainers.


This has always been a key factor for winners.


I'm interested in boring stocks too, at times...just ask my wife - (like drinking milk from my cereal bowl while dining at a 5-star Steakhouse), especially when it comes to Growing a Small Account.


But when you turn $500 into $10,000 in profits, like GPSM Subscriber Odele Mitchell it's smart to trade boring slow-moving stocks to protect your growth capital.


Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter includes a number of possible big percent gainers in the watch list which is issued before the Opening Bell.

Make use of it.


Examine The Exchange

This is critical, especially for a beginner traders... OTC stocks do not trade before or after market hours. That's great news for newcomers.


Furthermore, when it comes to OTCs, Level 2 data is more important. It becomes more difficult to use Level 2 once you begin trading high-volume listed stocks.


Finally, some OTC penny stocks are labeled as Pink Limited these have high risk / high reward plays. Some are even labeled buyer beware.


Be cautious of these stocks. I'm not saying never trade them, just be cautious.

Check Out The Company's History


You'll probably no longer need to do this after a while.




Because you'll understand the nature of the beast you hunt when trading online." Some penny stock companies change their names or industries as frequently as we change cars.

Always Double-Check Their Claims.


The following step is to seek out a catalyst. The majority of big percent gainers move in response to the news.

This is critical...

Take a press release, or a penny stock company tweet lightly. Make an effort to verify how true what the company said is.


Remember folks "No one gets fired for buying IBM" but you're not trading IBM's Stock.

Again, the majority of these penny stock businesses don't have

  • Any Products

  • No Revenues

  • And half of the time, no money for daily operating costs


They will, however, continue to issue press releases about their


  • "World-Changing Technology."

  • Large Contract

  • New Gold Mine,

  • Oil Well, or

  • Metaverse Property.

The majority of it is loose change, and I say that because if you believe the hype and trade on that... it's the value of what your trading account will amount to.


Loose Change -


- While other traders' accounts are valued at over a million dollars


So as a result, you should never believe the product hype.


Instead… Just keep an open mind.

That is true regardless of what free newsletters, promoters, or cheerleaders tweet or what you hear in a Discord chat.

After you've been burnt on profits you'll understand why 20-year vets in this industry like myself follow a certain set of rules with discipline when it comes to trading penny stocks. 

Think Of It This Way...


...The forces of "Heavier Than Air Flight" were on the earth 4,239 years ago - [lift, weight, thrust, and drag], but no human being observed them in those years, so no one flew, except birds and winged things.

Yet, those same forces, and laws, of flight governed the earth at that time, and in the 1900s when we once observed those same laws we achieved flight... see they've always been there...


...the same Market Forces that govern penny stocks in the Boiler Room and Bucket Shop years of the 1900s, are the same Market Forces that govern penny stocks online today. 

Nothing has changed... just you were born.

That is why it was critical for us to include this level of wisdom in the DNA of our investing ecosystem when we created our penny stock trading newsletter Golden Penny Stock Millionaires in 2012.

It's not just about making money, but keeping it. 


This saves you hours of research time spent sifting through so-called due diligence, game players, pump and dumps, etc.


Without a trusted and proven trading newsletter like Golden Penny Stock Millionaires setting the standard, if you're new to the online world of penny stocks...


...I would think 11 times over about taking a trade. Don't sacrifice your money, instead increase your trading education

golden penny stock millionaires

Repeat Successful Wining Techniques And Add Penny Stocks To Your Watch List.

That's where you start guys.


Repeat the process to add more stocks to your watchlist.


Every day you'll have to do Watchlist Maintenance. Remove one or two items from the list, or move them to a secondary list. Then, with a catalyst and volume, combine the day's top percent gainers. 

Ready To Start Trading Penny Stocks? 

If so, here's what I want you to do next -

Click the link below to access your subscription to our stock alerts service Golden Penny Stock Millionaires and start getting 2-3 Weekly Penny Stock Alerts with Entry Prices, Exit Prices, Trading Strategies, and more...

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