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Powerful Trading Terms Every Trader Needs To Know To Pull Profits In 2022

Nasdaq Glossary: Stock Market Terms You Need To Know.

By William Bell, GPSM Staff Writer

Trading Terminology Every Trader Ought To Be Familiar With

Trading words/ jargon and definitions are something that every online trader will need to be familiar with in order to make a living as a trader.


We'll start with the fundamentals, which should be known to most traders by this point, but if you're new we got you covered. After that, we'll get into some of the more sophisticated concepts that you might still be confused about. Learning them is important. 


In the event that you have any questions after reading these definitions, please don't be afraid to contact us right away.


Recall that in order to trade successfully on a daily basis in your day-to-day profession as a trader, you must be familiar with these fundamental terminologies before entering the markets.

Fortunes are made by buying low and selling too soon.
- Nathan Rothschild

Terminology Used In The Trading Industry


Day trading: is defined as the simple act of purchasing shares of a stock with the goal of selling them on the same day that the stock was purchased.