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Once upon a Bolier Room,  Average Joe investors thought the timeless, yet, above-average question to themselves... is it possible to become a millionaire investor trading stocks for mere pennies a share in the stock market?   

To access the key to the Digital Millionaires' vault on 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 that provides those who understand the torrential online stock markets with unlimited wealth, freedom, and power...  most new investors open an online brokerage account, fund it and, then wrongly look to

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Testimonial  Hi there,  Big fan of The Golden Penny Stock Millionaires. Robert. G.

Testimonial  Loving how organized this is!  Keep it up! Warm regards,  BRGO up 201% Gains Jayner F.


Free Penny Stock Alerts and Trading 

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However, disappointed by the enriched heavy weighted red font on the screens from their E-TRADE account losses most online traders don't stop to investigate that the rule of thumb with the FREE penny stock systems are... promoted stock alerts... blatant stock manipulation... and an almost complete disregard of customer support.  Although it's legal by the SEC.

Consider your own "free newsletter" trading experience...
I'm sure you've made money and lost more then you should have.

Becoming a Millionaire Trader requires understanding  -  The Dark Art of Penny Stock Investing. 

After crying in their soup at Starbucks about their losses, online traders begin to look to the

Who talk about and report and trade Large Cap Stocks in order to become profitable with Penny Stocks. 

Disappointed once more by new losses in their newly replenished ETRADE accounts, online traders don't stop to understand that The Industry Experts don't trade single penny stock securities outside of heavily weighted campaigns into small caps through ETF's and INDEXES.

This is unlike you and me who can buy and sell penny stock securities on the NYSE, OTC MARKETS, and other exchanges with-in seconds of finding a potential penny stock break out. 

The industry leaders can't do that. 


You see my friend, the only way to unlock the problematic millionaire's vault on 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 and obtain freedom to live...

...is to have the right trading system in place that identifies hot penny stock breakouts, and make money weekly in the markets... enter - 

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Lost 4k Before Signing With GPSM... Now Up 100% +

Hi Will...I know you probly get a ton of emails so i'm hoping mine gets thru :). Thanks for all the great info..even tho it's not free..I'm still thankful for your help. Your last email said congrats to all those who took the SSOL trade and I just wanna confirm that you didn't send out a sell rec and I never got the email. It looks like its doing great..I'm at 100%+ now. If you have time lemme know what your thinkn..hang on to it or sell. Im a newbie and lost about $4k before I found you and this is my first trade I've purchased even tho I've been with you since February.


I'm in 

Hey Will I just want to let you know I became a paid member just a few minutes ago. Thanks

Up 100% Gains

Hi, William:


I'm new to GPS and I wanted to say that I appreciate these Opening Bell Addresses.  I work a regular job and i sometimes just don't have the privilege to be checking personal texts and emails immediately after I get to work.  Sometimes I can, but other times "no way".


So this is a nice option.  I hope it's a regular feature of yours, as I am already gettin' spoiled.  <grin>


     Have a good Thursday --- thank you.

Doubled My Account

Thanks that would be great I will get that. By the way this is still Adri. My mum, Tanya owns an Etrade account and I am just doing this for experience because I am not old enough to have my own account yet. I have just been telling her your stock picks and she has been buying them with her account. So far I have doubled the $525 that I gave her from your stock picks so I am very happy.

Awesome service, exactly what I was looking for



First off...Thank You!  Your service has been great and takes sooo much stress out of playing the market for a relative newbie to the penny world!

Just Bought

Hi I purchased your subscription yesterday.

Great Service! 

Mr. Bell:

Greetings! I bid you all great things! So to the point: EPAZ current strategy required. Here are the facts:
1. I purchased buy limit order at .0021 , all or none, cost me roughly $1500 even. My timing was a little but lucky and skill- so I tell myself!!!
Do I just lock in my profits and place an immediate sell market order- because my profits are over 30%? Or your other advice?

I'm so happy because I'm finally "in the game" and your newsletter is working!!!

I'm making $$$! Thank you!!!


Glenn K. (***)*** - **** email: see above.

Up 100% Gains

Thanks Big Will

So far just paper trading but results from your pics have been super!!!  Joe J. 

$500 To $10,000

Hey Will i am just writing this to say thank you for a wonderful newsletter .I have been a member for 6 months and my small account which started at 500 is at 10000.I just wanted to know how do you scan for stocks and anticipate their movements ,I just want to become better ,Thank you. Odale M.

Balanced Trading

hello William,  


Just signed up to the newsletter,  very exciting.  wondering what broker/platform you might recommend for someone in Ireland or the U.K.


I do appreciate what appears to be your very "balanced" approach...Im brand new to this....so need a bit of guidance...do you have a training video....where would I follow your trade recommendations...charts etc. 


thanks for any he[p you can offer...

looking forward to 2014


all the best





Good pick today. I made $250 on a $500 investment. Nice job on that. But now I gotta wait 3 days for the cash to settle. Hope I don't miss anymore good ones. Thanks for the good pick you sent out!!! Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPhone

new member

I recently became a member

Up 100% Gains

Thank you for the quick response and for the personal service. I have been a member of many trading newsletters but your's is the best!!!!!! 

Best stock service

Hi Will, nice moves, congrats. (Bysd @ 53% gains

New Subscriber


I just ordered from you. Roger H.

Good Price

I like this price I have to drop my other susbscrptions and I am taking the challenge.

Up 140% Solid

Will, I wanted to thank you for the CDVI alert. I bought at .125 and sold 1/12/15 for .30, a solid 140% gain a great start to 2015. Thanks again and keep them coming.  - Ray 

new trader

I have joined

Made Another $325.00 in profit

Sold ELRA for a $325.00 profit. Looking to do this again and again, with your picks, until Christmas we hit the $25,000 mark. Thank you sir. 


Recommend GPSM

We are all defiantly excited for the new pick! Let's rock on!

Recommend GPSM

Thanks, William --- just so you know we do appreciate these updates.  Don't think when we don't reply that we don't appreciate your efforts and updates.


Have a good Thursday!

Dan M.


thanks will I am in c y b k at 0.072  with 300  dollars  fee 32.35  wow its  so  neat  lets watch to market  your newest friend  randy lopez

Signed Up For The 1 Year Plan


I have been meaning to sign up for your service for sometime and just signed up for the one year plan. I'm looking forward to growing my account! Since the transaction was made on paypal, is there anything I need to do to activate pushnotications, text notifications, or to receive the email notifications of the stock picks?


It is my ambition to be one of the success stories which you highlight in your newsletters. I also have a big circle of investor friends here in the Silicon Valley that I plan on referring once I see success. Thanks in advance for your help and I am excited about the journey which lies ahead! 


Best Regards,

Parul Gujral

Recommend GPSM

Will, great job so far. I am a new subscriber-missed the HEMP play because all your emails were going into my spam/junk email until I realizes it and made you safe. Did get into DBMM this morning but missed GACR play because TDAmeritrade online account stated "opening transactions in this security must be placed with a broker". When I tried to get trade executed price exploded upwards so I will need to find another account to make these types of trades. Keep up the good work. 


Stanley J. Stelmach (HEMP 120% GAINS)

Recommend GPSM


OK,I just purchase your early bird alert..I pray it will be what you say it is...I trust you Will...you just seem like the type fo person who generally cares about people  and what you do to help them.



Up 100% Gains

Dan M. 

Congrats on a good recommendation, Will.  Credit where credit is due.   $TCEL$ 100% gains today

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