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From The Desk of William Bell:

I know your time is valuable, so lets’ get straight to the point… I have a question for you…

  • Does The Idea Of Investing In The Stock Market Intimidate You?

  • Do You Change The Channel Every Time A Financial Talking Head Appears On TV & Speaks Wall Street Jargon?

  • Most Importantly Do You Feel Like You Don’t Have The Time, Money, Knowledge, Or Skill To Start Investing In The Stock Market?

If your answer to these questions are yes, yes, & yes then know Golden Penny Stock Millionaires is here to change that… The next 5 mins will be very interesting for you.

Stocks under $5.00 a share are one of the growing numbers of powerhouse investments worthy of 401k & other retirement vehicles.

These penny stocks or micro-cap stocks are gaining a lot more of Wall Street’s attention lately; and they should. Some of these penny stocks make a whole lot of money if you trade them right.

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   Hi, I’m William Bell…,

GPSM Staff Writer


1.5 min read

I created the popular online penny stock publishing company that published the popular newsletter known as…

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires.Com


 "Where THE WALL STREET JOURNAL’s Focus Is On Big Board Stocks…”


Where the WSJ focus is on Big Board, and Mid -Cap Stocks… Golden Penny Stock Millionaires focus is on Small Capital Stocks.


Penny stocks have been producing super-strong returns and fattening the wallets of some of the savviest stock traders who are able to detect when these stocks are about to make huge runs.


And by very big margins.

Let’s be more precise. Let’s take a careful look at one of the most recent stock alerts issued by our newsletter Golden Penny Stock Millionaires.


Alerted Entry Price

Small Capital Stocks are a fascinating, & lucrative investment.

Look how the stock broke out into a bull run after we spotted it.

So Far The Stock Was Up 155.31% Before the pullback of $1.20

Look at my personal ihub account below for $MRMD$.


This Sub Penny Stock Appreciated 155% In A Short Time

Since We Found It & Alerted It To Our Members.

$MRMD$ Yielded  155% profits overall after the alert.

$500 invested in $MRMD$ would have returned  $775.00

$1000 Would Have Returned

$1550.00 In a short amount of time


Gold for example, produced a dazzling rate of compound return of 9.16%… 10-year Treasury was 7.74%… Oil annual compound return was 8.01%. These compared returns date 1970 – 2012 period.

$MRMD$ returns in just days outproduced Gold by 145.84%… 10-year Treasury by 147.26%… And Oil’s annual compounded return by 146.99%. But that’s nothing to how penny stocks have outpaced more flashy, and conservative investments.

Below is a Table Of The Russell 2000 (The Penny Stock Index) VS The S&P 500


Penny Stocks Make Money… 

So at this point, you may still be wondering how do you trade, and make money using the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires newsletter?


What exactly does this consist of?

How Golden Penny Stock Millionaires’s Works:

The Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Newsletter gives you stock recommendations weekly,

or bi-weekly with recommended entry, and exit points.


You'll receive our stock picks in your Email Inbox along with Daily Market Updates.

Here’s What You Get As A Member:

Once You Become A Member You Will Have Access To High-Level Professional Trading… Plus…

  • Open A Trading Account

  • How To Buy A Stock

  • How To Sell

  • You Get Entry Prices Of Each Penny Stock

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  • Updates

  • You Get The Stop Loss (Sell Recommendation) Of Each Stock Play

  • You Get The Profit Strategy: On How To Maximize Your Profits With The Stock

  • You Get Analyzations Of Each Stock Play

  • You Get Email Support & Much Much More When You Join Us

  • Bonus Videos “Refining To Pure Gold Video Training Series”


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