What Is

GPSM STOCK ALERTS is a fin-tech startup that provides market products to our subscribers with the focus on helping them increase their performance in the markets.

Our mission is to help our subscribers think in terms of taking a paycheck home weekly out of the online stock markets.

From breakout trading newsletters, weekly live stock market clubs, to training videos, GPSM STOCK ALERTS is the leading full-service, one-stop shop for investors of all stripes and styles.

If you are interested in doing business with GPSM, please contact us via the support center.

Our Founder

William Bell is the founder of GPSM STOCK ALERTS, and one of America's most recognized and respected In The Trenches Stock Traders. GPSM is a FINTECH startup focused on builiding products that are aiding new and established generations of investors.

Will Bell launched the original Golden Penny Stock Millionaires trading newsletter in 2012, and it has since become GPSM STOCK ALERTS, a growing hub for actionable investing information and FINTECH products, and we're on our way to 1 million readers per month. is an ever-growing high-speed ecosystem, which is home to exclusive actionable trading newsletters and market-moving news and training. 

Our 3 Pillars

GPSM Stock Alerts is founded on 3 great pillars:


- Integrity

- Industry 

- Harmony


If either fails... we fail, and thousands of subscribers who are of a new, and old generation of retail investors whose financial aims are pinned on consistent stock market profits delivered by quality stock alert information from our ecosystem. 


GPSM Stock Alerts isn't merely a business of profit and loss... It's the lifeblood of the modern online stock traders and commerce. Wall Street on Main Street equals online trading..


Just think of it my friend... being able to make trading profits from anywhere you are in the world... Hong Kong, Capetown, Bombay... Consistent stock alerts of US Companies issued to you while you trade online right from your laptop... 

A mighty Wall Street commerce...  but, built on Faith. 

Will Bell


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