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Appreciative Customer

Great stocks Will keep 'em coming, although I didn't get into FRMC until 37.5...if it makes it to .80 I will be thrilled. These mary jane stocks are ludicrous, unbelievable gains.I guess that's what the January effect is all about...looking forward to January all year long.   As always your appreciative customer and student 

Big Fan of The Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Newsletter

Hi there, Big fan of The Golden Penny Stock Millionaires. Robert. G.

Great Service! Recommended



Thank you for the opportunity to witness first hand how your trading strategy works, I have been in the business for a long time and the first thing I learned is that when you think you know everything you have stopped learning and have become a know it all. 

I'm joining 

Yes I' am going in yes....yes....yes!!!!!

Great Investment advice, Best Stock Picks and Recommendations


What can I say. Your picks are kick &&& !! Seriously. I have never seen these kinds of gains in a long time. I feel very fortunate! Keep busting these awesome picks out! 

Up 30% 

CDVI sold my 24,000 shares between 12:30 and 1:47 because of earnings tomorrow which I can't see as being good. still a solid 30%

joining soon

Thank you. Always wanted to read this book :)

Thanks Tiffany 

I'm joining next weekend.​

Tiffany s

I already joined


I already joined GPSM

Thanks for a fast response! Jenn 



Thank you for your prompt response! 

Signed Up For the 1 Year Plan


I have been meaning to sign up for your service for sometime and just signed up for the one year plan. I'm looking forward to growing my account! Since the transaction was made on paypal, is there anything I need to do to activate pushnotications, text notifications, or to receive the email notifications of the stock picks?


It is my ambition to be one of the success stories which you highlight in your newsletters. I also have a big circle of investor friends here in the Silicon Valley that I plan on referring once I see success. Thanks in advance for your help and I am excited about the journey which lies ahead! 


Best Regards,

Parul Gujral

New to trading... On the fence...

Hey will ! How are you doing DeShaun here, I'm seriously considering join your community, I'm new to trading and will only have about 500 bucks to start trading with,  what trading platform do you recommend and will 500 bucks be enough to start trading?

Please add a chatroom: I Love the service

Will is there a gpsm chat room?  If so please send link.  Also been watching bets your earlier alert looks like it's setting up nicely.  Keep up good work thx Jeff  K.

Really Helpful Newsletter

Thanks for your help. I got some BETS. I see it went a lil down but chart looks good. Just a matter of time IMO. Your being really helpful. God bless!

Smart Trading

Hi Will. Thanks for your email. I already did that. Can't wait for your next alert! 

Ready to go to the next level


I was being redeployed home last week when I saw your "Superman" promotion. Since my arrival, I have not been able to locate said promotion. Have all 20 positions, @ $399, been taken? 


I believe in your product and would honor the opportunity to learn from and trade with you.



Highly Recommend GPSM

Will, Another couple of EXCELLENT picks...

Good Starts!

will, im new to the family, but want to wish you and everyone a healthy and prosperous new year.  

This is on point: Real people behind GPSM

Wow! Will, thanks so much for the timely response. I am shocked at how quickly and thoroughly you responded to my email. I really do appreciate your attentiveness. I've been subscribed to a couple other PennyStock newsletters and found out that they are just paid promoters and I don't feel comfortable putting my money somewhere I know that they're being paid to. Money is really tight for me right now, but as soon as I have enough, I'll immediately get the GPSM Newsletter. I love the way you do business and your passion about penny stocks is infectious. I am truly passionate about trading as well and I want to study your strategy and become one of your top success stories, and I am determined to make that a reality.


Anyways, sorry for the lengthy email. I do appreciate your quick response. It's good to know there's a real person behind those emails.


Best regards,

Awesome Stock Picks. I'm Ready To Trade

Hello Will,

I appreciate your awesome stock picks and I think I'm ready to start using real money to invest. Is there more educational material that I can review? I'm interested in how to search for and identify similar stocks that you are currently choosing. Then, i want to learn the basic fundamentals to study the stocks to choose the best possibilities to buy. Your response is greatly appreciated, thank you.


Sweet $116 Profit

Sold for a $116 profit. I know not much compared to most but still good for what I invested....thank you.


Made Another $325.00 in profit

Sold ELRA for a $325.00 profit. Looking to do this again and again, with your picks, until Christmas we hit the $25,000 mark. Thank you sir. 


Absoultey Brilliant

Nice call on this one Will!!

GPSM is the one of the best

Thank you for the great work u put in!!!!!!! U the best. 

Thanks Will 

Thanks for all Will!

Comming On! 

Thanks William i should come on board this week. Ron W.

Excellent Advice

 Excellent Advice 

Not turning a profit! 

mall WILL, how many final notice you gonna send , no satisfaction no charge ,  Bill R.

Signing up

Thanks William i will be joining soon i really appreciate all the great info

Will Im In!!!

Will, I came on board today.

Overseas Trader

Hey William,  thanks for the response....would you know a broker service I could connect with over here... Ireland /UK.....also if I could read up on your picks and see respective charts.... 

I did look at the videos, but didnt get the nitty gritty so to speak...but a do like your approach and so far feel like im in good company.... all the best

TCEL 132% Gains

I made $130 total and 1st round in at $69 out @$135, then in @$199 out @$265 sweet deal,  decided not to gamble more on it. Saw there supposed to be news tomorrow and may use profit and get some back on a dip.

I really love your service and am anxious for the next alert.


Robert N

Great Calls

Just wanted to say GREAT CALL on TRTC!! Unfortunately, I am still sitting on some DBMM (that I bought too high hoping too quickly turn it over) and way too much ERLA (which is killing me!) So I probably need to suck it up on both of them and accept the bad decisions in order to have $ available or your next stock suggestion.   Again...awesome call on TRTC!! 

Recommend GPSM

I did sign up ! Curtis B

MISSING OUT ON TRADE... Fix this asap!

why do I not get the alerts?


I always get these emails AFTER the fact.


Thanks a lot 

This is a great way to make money

Good Day Mr. William. My name is Akeem and I am from Jamaica. Honestly you have been a great encouragement to start making more money. I am still saving towards starting my subscription. Things here in Jamaica are tight. I will subscribe soon. Thanks for your encouragements.


Yours Truly


Need to know

CAN you back up your words???,, I really need to know,, Thanks,,

poor management

Mr. Will,


I'm a little up set with you, I'm just getting back home from a play and I didn't know you were hosting a class tonight.  Can we have a little more advance notice when you will be hosting a webinar? 


Thanks and have a nice weekend,

Sheila W.

Do your own research: Not happy

Dear Will,


I was not satisfied with the service because I was not told via email that the exit goal for ERBB was .035 and I sold early thursday for .023 after I bought the stock for .0208 after the drop on wednesday morning of .016.Also,I did not sign up for the text service for $130 because I do not know how to text on my cell phone.I signed up for a one month trial for $47 plus tax.The graph for wednesday alone showed that the price dropped in the afternoon from .024 to .022 so I sold it to keep my profits.Unfortunately,the price rebounded back up to .0235 for the day.I will check on your nesletter later.Have a good day.


I am a member, I paid my membership. Tyrone P.


We are all defiantly excited for the new pick! Let's rock on!