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From The Desk Of Will Bell 


Dear Friend,

If you like trading stocks that make crazy profits.... and trade over $5.00 a share with weighted volume, this is the most important 5 mins of reading you'll do today.

I'll show you why in a minute.

But First... A Disclaimer:

Please understand the market outcomes that I'm sharing with you are not typical. I'm not implying you'll replicate the same level of trading success.

I have the benefit of trading stocks since 1998 and have established a guideline of best trading practices in order to make winning trades week in and out.

The novice, trading for the first time will most likely lose money in the markets. Your results will vary depending on your skill level, work ethic, and ability to separate your emotions from your money. 

Exactly What You're Getting

Next Big-Cap Alerts trading newsletter is an online stock trading newsletter that's dramatically different from most trading newsletters because we're in the market trenches with you weekly bringing you rich information to help you take a paycheck home from the markets.

Most Wall St. products don't care if you win or lose the trade because they're making a profit no matter what. 

Not with Next Big-Cap Alerts. 

We've developed our trading newsletter to find moving stocks, show you where profitable entry prices are more than likely to be set, and show you smart exit prices... 

The reason why Next Big-Cap Alerts trading newsletter is so effective is that we identify stocks that have a high probability to make money and show our subscribers the best trading practices and strategies for that stock. 

Plus our newsletter alerts are easy to read and understand.

There's no stock market mumbo jumbo, fluff or filler in our email alerts. Each morning we immediately get down to brass tacks. What trades are hot, best trading practices, and more.

And you'll immediately "get" the entire methodology I personally use to create market profits and see some of my most successful trades. 

Here's just a fraction of what's inside each email and what it might mean for your trading account:

HIGH PROBABILITY STOCKS: High Probability Setups takes the guesswork and emotion out of trading. NEXT BIG-CAP ALERTS is continuously scanning the market looking for the best trading opportunities saving you time. When we see a setup happening we alert our members.



SMART ENTRY PRICES: Most traders who trade the markets usually throw money on the open looking for a winning trade. We show you the best prices to look for on the open, trading a pullback, or even with momentum trades. 

PROFITABLE EXIT PRICES alludes most investors as traders get hooked by greed expecting a trade to become a supernova. Get the green is our strategy but you have to know when to sell and exit a trade.


MARKET STRATEGY on each trade is necessary for profitable trading. You can't go to war and win without a plan. We issue market strategies and best trading practices on each alerted security.  

EASY TO UNDERSTAND TECHNICAL CHARTS allows you to understand why we choose the trade and pricing we did and we teach our subscribers usable technical analysis with each alerted trade. 

NO CONFUSING MARKET MUMOB JUMBO: I think we've all had enough of the "Wall St. GURUS" taunting their (1) millionaire student but confusing the whole with sideways stock market talk. We keep it simple starting on day 1 and help you work your way into the deeper cresses of Investing.

And that's not all..

You'll also uncover ruthless market success secrets like...

What Every Trader Knows

Market makers are our friends, right?



They have a job to do and causing traders problems is extra. This is a pretty important secret to success to understand because market makers can be the enemy of the active investor as they execute all price orders and keep the markets afloat... ie the need for lv2 investing.

We help you to understand the nature of the beast with each alert in order to keep more of your trading profits. We focus on avoiding panic shakes and overtly stop-loss prices that magically seem to get filled right before a stock goes supernova. 

Plus, you will get access to T-Trades Millionaire Portfolio. T-Trades is my personal trading as I show you my progress on turning $500 into $1,000,000 of trading.


This is done for our subscribers via our webinar learning systems.

A Complete Trading System For Turning

Dollars Into More Dollars



As much as Wall Street Gurus like to complicate the process of buying and selling securities online, the process is actually pretty simple.

Here it is:

Step 1: Opening an online brokerage account

Step 2: Buy financial security (stock, option, forex) 

Step 3: Buy Stocks Low, Sell Them High

Everybody knows the first step right, it's easy. 

Go with an industry leader like Etrade or TDAmeritrade and get your brokerage account online in like 15 mins. 

You can do that in your sleep.

But how do you find breakout stocks, buy them low, and sell to make a profit... over and
over again?


There's A Trading Newsletter For That

Now please understand if any stock market guru tells you their stocks only go up I want you to run because that's not the way of the stock market or how it works. 

What the Next Big-Cap Alerts trading newsletter focuses on is finding steady winning trades and delivering them to our subscribers. I like to call them weekly winners. 


 Here's What I Want You To Do Next

Click on the link below or on the side and you'll get instant access to place your order with the Next Big-Cap Alerts newsletter.

The cost of the newsletter averages around $4.33 a day but there's a time limit to this offer as the price is slated to go up. 

As soon as you place your order you'll be sent an email receipt with all the information and what to do next.

From there researched high probability trades will be spoon feed to you and you'll know why this trading newsletter is rightfully named Next.

Each day a new trade opportunity is happening all over the online markets. Each day more money is being made trading stocks online... It's a bull market, let's trade it together. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to seeing you on the trading floor with us soon!





P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:


I'm giving you discounted access to our stock trading newsletter called Next Big-Cap Alert which uses the same system I've used to create wildly successful trading profits for my own businesses and for past subscribers.


All you pay is a measly $4.33 per day, but this is a limited time deal only.


(That's the exact price it would cost if I were to print up a physical copy of a hot stock breakout paper newsletter, stuff it in a padded envelope and then mail out to you.


***** I'm also giving you best trading practices with each trade, the exact trading plans, and strategies we use to trade with every single month.


This is really profitable as we not only show you which trades are highly probably to breakout... but it gives you best prices on the entry and exit with each trade ...starting right now with your first trade with us.  


This is a very limited offer because It cost us more to do it vs our competitors whose memberships start at $5,999.00. If our newsletter doesn't work for you can cancel at any time.


There is no "catch" to this offer or our membership. You will not be signing up for any "trial" so when the prices do increase you will be Grandfathered in at the $4.33 per day pricing. 


In fact, if you don't like the way we trade stocks or find that Next Big-Cap Alerts is not for you; cancel your membership at any time.


Click here and get started now. You won't regret it.

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