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"Wall Street Insiders Have Been Pigging Out."

William Bell , GPSM Staff Writer


4.5 min read

Dec 16, 2022, 1:30am

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" NEW GPSM Investing Newsletter Finds The Hidden Gems Trades That Have Serious Potential... So You Can Pig Out Too...! "


Hey Friend,

If you're like me then... you like making money in the stock market.

If you're ready to profit from Wall Street's Hidden Gems, this is the most important 4 mins of reading you'll do today, I'll show you why in a minute but first...

What is Next Big-Cap Alerts, Stock Alerts Service?

Next Big-Cap Alerts is a stock alerts newsletter that finds the hidden gems of stocks priced over $5.00 a share in the market and issues them to our subscribers with Entry, and Exit prices via our email newsletter. 

  • Long-Term Wealth Prospects -

    I’ve traded stocks for over 20 years and I've done statistical research over and over again in order to identify trading strategies with a track record of high profitability returns. These types of trades have made me a lot of money.

  • Stock Alerts-Based Performance -

    All of my stock recommendations are based on historical data and price action. In my time as a trader, I found that repeating patterns that produce profitable trades do emerge often... however, the key is to identify winning trading patterns.

  • Entry Prices -

    Some traders don't think about the opening price when looking for a winning trade. With Next Big-Cap Alerts, we pinpoint good opening prices to aim for. 

  • Exit Price -

    All traders have to deal with the unseen market forces of greed, plus I want the stock to go higher. When you have a winning trade, you're hoping it becomes a supernova... I mean talk about bad exit strategies (we're all guilty on this one)... This is one of many reasons we issue exit prices with each stock alert. 

  • High Probability Setups -

    Take the guesswork out, and helps take the emotions out of trading. NEXT BIG-CAP ALERTS is continuously scanning the market looking for the best trading opportunities so that you don't have to spend hours per day doing so. When we see a setup happening we alert our members ahead of time. 

  • Market Strategies - 

    You can't go to war without a plan on how to win said war, so it wouldn't be smart to take a trade without having a plan on how to play that security. We issue market strategies and best trading practices for each trade.  

  • Easy To Understand Charts -

    Allows you to understand why we choose the trade at the prices that we did. This teaches our subscribers 1) how to trade stocks 2) usable technical analysis practices with each alerted trade.

My Trading Strategy Is Simple To Implement...

Subscribers are alerted to my stock picks in real-time. Some trades can last several days depending on what point we enter the trade.

Discover My Trading Strategies weekly as I publish my watch list, and teach the exact trading strategies I use to make my trades.


In our trading newsletter, we teach you how to take a statistical advantage in the market.

What Do You Need In Order To Start With Next Big-Cap Alerts?

Listen friend,

As much as Wall St. Gurus like to complicate the process of buying and selling securities online, it's actually pretty simple to start, just keep in mind each trade you take carries the risk of a loss. 

Here it is:

Step 1: Open an online brokerage account (Click Here To Learn More)

Step 2: Purchase financial security (stock, option, forex) 

Step 3: Buy Low, Sell High

Everybody knows the first step right, it's easy. 

Go with an industry leader like Etrade or TDAmeritrade and get your brokerage account online in like 15 mins. 

You can do that in your sleep you don't need any prior trading experience...


You might also want to have some trading capital, but even if you start small you can still study my trading techniques with, or without capital. 


It would be a smart approach since the majority of new traders lose money in the beginning..., 

so If you're new... guys, take 15 - 18 days or so to paper trade our stock alerts and get a feel for how we trade stocks priced over $5.00 a share, and learn from our fintech ecosystem. 

Will, What's The Catch With Your Service, Exactly?

Trading stocks, and making money isn't easy for many reasons especially if you're new to the game.  

If you're looking to become a millionaire overnight then Next Big-Cap Alerts isn't for you... I know a lot of people tout online how much money they make trading, but if you're a novice you stand to lose your entire investment. 


However, you'll win more trades if you understand before you take a trade that stocks don't just go up in price, and you're prepared to weather the markets in an effort to build your trading skills... then Next Big-Cap Alerts is indeed the good deal you've been looking for. 

You can never predict the future or truly prepare for the coming market forces.

1. Even though I've been trading for over 20 years, the future can not be predicted.

Making trades based on any trading tactics will carry market risk and you need to be prepared for that. 

2. You cannot predict how market forces paved with your emotions swell after you've turned a $200 investment into $5,000 on one trade, and the psychological wars that come with that.

This is super important to know...,


When most new traders win like that they try to do it again, and again, and 62% of traders who go up big, quickly lose their entire investment on the next trade, or dilute their capital investment down to next to nothing in a series of bad trades. 


After 20 years of trading stocks, I've had my unfortunate share of these mistakes too, and I've received tons of emails from subscribers who have also.