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Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Is Back Online - You Can Access Our Penny Stock Alerts Newsletter At The Orginal Price Of $15.00 Per Month.  

Plus Get Another $375 In Bonuses... FREE!

Get Hot Penny Stocks Alerts Daily Issued To
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I've Been Trading Stocks For Over 20 Years Now And More Than Anything Else Penny Stocks Have Been The Most Lucrative. 

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14 - Day Free Trial

What We're Doing

We're offering former members the opportunity to RE-SUBSCRIBE to the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires trading newsletter as we are officially back online. 

We offer access to the best possible content and alerts on penny stocks daily at just $15.00 a month which is $54.99 off our regular monthly subscription price. 

We're releasing our "EARLY BIRD SMS ALERTS" as a part of our Good Deal Bonus. 

How We're Doing It

We'll release multiple (non-promoted) penny stock alerts weekly and bi-weekly via email and SMS. 

You'll get the best ENTRY and EXIT Prices with every penny stock alert sent to your email and mobile. 

You'll get the best trading practices and strategies with each alert with the focus of winning 3 out of 5 trading contests. 

To Qualify For This Deal

Only former members are able to access this page. 

If you don't trade Micro-Cap Stocks currently check out our newest Large Cap alerts trading newsletter Next Big-Cap Alerts. 

Important Disclaimer

The markets have changed a lot since you and I last spoke. 
But the risk is still the same. Trading as always carries risk, and I can not guarantee that you will have the same level of success as these members. Click Here To See Some Testimonials: 

I can not promise you any results of any kind other than the technical, and business challenges that plagued Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Inc. in the past have been dealt with and we are committed to providing you the best newsletter experience along with the best non-promoted penny stock alerts from our trading newsletter.  

The overwhelming majority of my trading success of 20 years now has come from trading penny stocks. 

Our newsletter issues trade in the style that has worked for me. 

But I'm certainly not implying you'll have the same experience I've had. There's no way anyone could predict that. 

The Deal Ends
When this page expires and the timer hits zero. 

The Investment

Our alerts subscription is selling for $69.99 per month. 
But when you enroll now (before this page expires), you can access it for the old price of $15.00 per month. 
I'm offering this discount because a lot of members' subscriptions were unwillingly discontinued as we migrated to the new newsletter platform, and when we attempted to re-launch during 2020/2021 new challenges arose through pandemic issues. 

Aside from that, the overwhelming majority of you guys asked for this good deal in times past.

So here it is... and you guys deserve it!


In addition to access to the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires trading newsletter with entry and exit prices on penny stock alerts, best trading practices, and trading strategies at just $15.00 a month, you'll also be getting  

Early Bird SMS Text Alerts as a Free Bonus ($150 Yearly)


OK - so one tool that you need to make bank with as a trader is information, and it can't be delayed, and not everyone has the convenience of sitting in front of their laptop all day watching the market. 

If you can it's awesome. Your own battle station for the stock market. 

But if you can't, you need all trade information brought directly to you where you are with the ability to execute all trade decisions. 

So, Even Though The Early Bird SMS Text Alerts are $150 Per Year You Will Get It For Free. 


I really want you to win when you take your next trade with GPSM. 

And the best way to make that happen is to make sure you get the result's your looking for. 

Which is why I'm also giving you... 

Golden Penny Stocks: 1.0 & 2.0


One of the best things about the stock market is that knowledge of trading is what helps unlock the wealth potential for retail traders. 

I've learned a couple of things about the markets in the last 20 years which allowed me to live the "Lifestyle" where I'm not having to work around the clock... or "don't have any time to spend with my kids".. or wonder if I slighted my boss that he/she is going to look for any reason to 86 me from my job and disrupt my financial flow. 

(Yes... as cheesy and repetitive as that comes off sounding... putting your future into the hands of someone other than you has always been risky.)

But The 'Knowledge and Experience" You Gain as a student in the trading game is your golden ticket.

Which Is Why Traders Have Paid $5,000 + To GURUs "To Become Their Students" To Train Them How To Trade Stocks And Make A Million Dollars which btw you hear about 2 people making some money, but what happened to the other 30,000 [$5,000] paying members? 

Today, You Can Have This (A-Level) Training for FREE. 

But There's One Small Issue... 

(Isn't there always?)
It's not a big deal or anything. 
It's just that my team is pretty small. As I said earlier this deal is for previous members, but it's limited, and the timetable is just for the next 9 days.

Trading Penny Stocks has been lucrative for me, and past members... Check out some testitmonisl below. 

So guys, if you want in on this ... 


14 - Day Free Trial


Love This Service


Thank you Will!!! Just made a successful trade today!! you are the truth!! Much appreciation!! Cant wait for future trades!! I am happy i Joined GPSM (FOR Life!!!!) :) Quame 


Up 100% +!!!


Hi William,

Hi Will...I know you probly get a ton of emails so i'm hoping mine gets thru :). Thanks for all the great info..even tho it's not free..I'm still thankful for your help. Your last email said congrats to all those who took the SSOL trade and I just wanna confirm that you didn't send out a sell rec and I never got the email. It looks like its doing great..I'm at 100%+ now. If you have time lemme know what your thinkn..hang on to it or sell. Im a newbie and lost about $4k before I found you and this is my first trade I've purchased even tho I've been with you since February.


                         Thanks again...Mike


30% Gains


I'm very proud to say that I was able to get out of both ssol and epaz at the recommended sell prices with I think around 30% increases on both!! not huge but we are in this for profits right? Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you put your picks. 


Made Over 2K


Thanks Will,


Yeah I read all these good reviews about you guys and thats what drew me to you because I am tired of playing scam after scam. Honestly with FARE I gained 104% and made over $2000, but truth be told is I had to sell in the dump. Could of made so much more, but I just don't want to keep playing like that because it is just so stressful because you never know when a pennystock from any compensated newsletter will dump, and when they dump they dump FAST. Although I have become much more consistent and profitable playing pump and dumps, I would prefer to play penny stocks not necessarily going for the big 100-300%+ everytime, but to play something that is more frequent and consistent on a daily basis.


In other words i'm looking for something where I could have 1 to 2 nice, but not massive gains a week just to grow my account. I am a college student, have debt, and I love penny stocks, but pump and dumps keep me on the edge, and I want to continue trading picks where I can walk away from my computer for 20 to 30 minutes and not come back to find I am down 30-40% from being up over 25%.


Yes you can earn alot of money on pump and dumps, but more or less most people get slaughtered. And truth is a good pump may come out every 1-2 months and most of them are from APS or Victory Mark picks. Every now and then Best Damn Penny Stocks and The Bull Exchange will have a decent one, but for the most part they are all just selling shares and creating bag holders and I am just getting tired of doing that lol.


I paid, I'm in


Will, Thanks alot for replying to my email. I feel much better about paying for your service. And I will pay the monthly fee because you really seem like a smart trader. I've tried to do it on my own but I just don't know the right qualities to look for in a stock that will provide good gains in just a few days. So I tried the free newsletters and they aren't consistent.

Thanks again and please keep doing what your doing.


This is well thought out trades


Hi Will,


Very refreshing to have found you on the web! Gordon S.

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