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GPSM  |  Will Bell  |  October 17th, 2023
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The Legend Started Years Ago... 

Once upon a boiler room, the Average Joe internet guy/gal sat in their backyard enjoying the late afternoon sun with their iPhone in hand, and thought the timeless, yet above-average question to themselves... while to their side sizzled a few steaks on the barbecue... is it possible to make a million dollars trading stocks for mere pennies per share in the stock market?

To access the key to the Digital Millionaires' vault on 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 that provides to those who understand the torrential online markets with unlimited wealth, freedom, and power for pennies per share... most new investors open an online brokerage account, fund it, and, then wrongly look to...

Free Penny Stock Newsletters and Trading 
Chatrooms To Win At Penny Stocks


However, newly disappointed by the enriched heavy weighted red font on their computer screens from their E-TRADE account losses... due to choosing the wrong trading path...  most online traders don't stop to investigate why they suffered trading losses.

Allow me to explain the rules of the game with FREE penny stock newsletters...

... promoted stock alerts ... blatant stock manipulation ... and an almost complete disregard of customer support.  Although this is a legal practice by the SEC you will only win 3 out of 13 trades if you trade like this. 
Consider your own "free newsletter" "free penny stock alerts" investing experience... I'm sure you've made money and lost more than you made
Future Millionaire Penny Stock Traders must know  -  The Dark Art of Penny Stock Investing.  
Every penny stock trade decision is a dark art influenced by contrast and comparison with chart technicals, product innovations, news (fake, real, or rumors) promoted liquidity and the ability to take an early price positioning before the investing herd run up the stock prices.

After crying in their steam-filtered chia tea at Starbucks over their trading losses using the free wifi connections, online traders begin to look to the...



Who talk about, report on, and trade Large Cap Stocks. They do this in order to become profitable with Penny Stocks.

Fundamentally once more this is the wrong path for a penny stock trader. 

About 50 yards in front of my home is extended lush woodlands for several miles, teeming with deer, rabbit, raccoon, grouse, and other wild fauna. Singing birds serenade me through the clean country air and the evening unfolds. On days like this, I feel like I'm living in paradise.

Why am I telling you this? 

Because professional traders, industry investors, and financial personalities who have Billions/Trillions of dollars under management invest from a different viewpoint and discipline.

Small-cap traders have to invest from the Dark Art Of The Penny Stock Contrast in order to be profitable with online trading ...


​Like when I think back to the hustling, bustling area where my wife and I use to live... with its 24-hour traffic ... rancid exhaust fumes ... incessant noise ... and sardine-packed neighborhoods.
This contrast paints the true differences for the future penny stock millionaires. 

You see disappointed once more by new losses in their newly replenished ETRADE accounts, online traders don't stop to understand that The Industry Experts don't trade single penny stock securities outside of heavily weighted campaigns into small caps by way of ETF's and INDEXES. RUT 2000.

This is unlike you and me who can buy and sell penny stock securities on the NYSE, OTC MARKETS, and other exchanges with-in seconds of finding a potential penny stock break out. 
You see my friend, the only way to unlock the problematic millionaire's vault on 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 and obtain freedom to live... to have the right penny stock platform that finds and alerts penny stock breakouts, and winners weekly in the markets... enter -

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images (3).jpg
FO6DCC292144 (1).jpg

We use best-charting practices to find small cap companies stock is poised for a bullish price movement by searching through thousands on the OTC Markets, NYSE, & other exchanges. 

We prequalify each trade in order to avoid buy-ins on dumps and avoid low-volume sub pennies.

We then take said stock(s) and inform our subscribers via email. 

Keep up the good work


BTW, earlier this week I made $2500.00 net profit on ERBB. I felt good 
about that because I got into it late. Keep up the good work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

David Brown

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Hey, Will Just wanted to give you a big thanks and congratulations on the success of MWIP and ERBB. MWIP was the first stock I played using this newsletter and I only put in $385 just to test around, but I ended up getting a highly impressive 130% return in a week, and earned $503. That is a great start to my first pick with this newsletter as it practically just paid for a year worth of subscription, and it was worth every dime. I sold MWIP earlier because I panicked and was shaken out at the close yesterday, but I am also a lot poorer than you and wanted to take a nice profit. WGAS had a nice blast off from the open, but I think what caused it to dip so much was because there was a report that came out from that may have scared other people as well as me which I covered my loss quickly. As for ERBB, took a little while to get going, but just amazing from here. At this point, you are probably up like 220% more than triple your investment which is pretty damn good for a stock that isn't a pump and dump. Too bad I was late on playing ERBB lol, wish I had. WGAS, ETNB, and CERP were a little rough, but I guess there was so much excitement from the huge success of ERBB and MWIP you probably felt the need to send more out, but no worries because you can't win every time. Anyways, keep up the great work, thank you so much already, and this newsletter is worth every dime; or should I say penny!


- Andrew B. 

Good Organization! Up 201% in Profits.

- Jayner F.

Hey Will, I'm just writing this to say thank you for a wonderful newsletter. I have been a member for 6 months and my small account which started at 500 is at 10000. I just wanted to know how do you scan for stocks and anticipate their movements, I just want to become better, Thank you.


-Odale M. 

Hell Will, Nice call today on FEEC as I watched it go from the .11s to over .13 for a quick 15% gain in like 20 minutes. I didn't play it and will sit the first few plays out just to watch your picks and get a feel of how your strategy works. 

- Andrew N. 

Great stocks Will keep 'em coming, although I didn't get into FRMC until 37.5...if it makes it to.80 I will be thrilled. These mary jane stocks are ludicrous, unbelievable gains. I guess that's what the January effect is all about...looking forward to January all year long. As always your appreciative customer and student 


- Ray W. 

Hi William,

I am interested in signing up for your program. I need a brokerage acct first, who do you recommend I sign up with that will let me trade penny stocks? Thank you


- Jason P. 

Will, thanks much for the ebooks! I definitely will read over them tonight!.. Just want to say that I've been eyeing your service for a while now & I feel it's a good service and stands out from many others out there! 


- Cameron C. 

Hey Dude, Awesome call on TRTC. Perfect set up and alert. Thanks, man!

- Rene E. 

You are dead on with this pick. Sorry I ever doubted you. Are you still seeing 10 as our magic number? Thanks so worth it so far.

- Proatv R. 

Hey Will,

I am impressed with what I have seen far. I expect to become a paid member this week. I am looking forward to this adventure. Thanks


- Gary R. 

Hi Will...I know you probably get a ton of emails so I'm hoping mine gets thru :). Thanks for all the great info..even tho it's not free..I'm still thankful for your help. Your last email said congrats to all those who took the SSOL trade and I just wanna confirm that you didn't send out a sell rec and I never got the email. It looks like it's doing great... I'm at 100%+ now. If you have time lemme know what your think..hang on to it or sell. I'm a newbie and lost about $4k before I found you and this is the first trade I've purchased even though I've been with you since February. Thanks again


- Mike H. 

Keep up the hard work

- James B. 

My man Will you have been on fire this summer. I honestly think you have gotten better since I joined you back in February, your service has become more consistent on finding winners that move fast and go high. Keep it up!


- Drew B. 

Very smart guy. Keep it up will

They have a balanced investing approach to the markets.


- C. Robbins.

Hello Will Just signed up for the newsletter, very exciting. Wondering what broker/platform you might recommend for someone in Ireland or the U.K. I do appreciate what appears to be your very "balanced" approach...I'm brand new to need a bit of you have a training video....where would I follow your trade recommendations...charts, etc. 

- Geoffery W. 

Hello, I did sign up for the monthly newsletter and did pay the fee. I am looking forward to the newsletter. Thanks 

- Jason S. 

ya ho i made it.?look forword to reading GPSM  

- Louis H. 

Will This pick was amazing!!! This is what we need!!! Thanks for the awesome pick.

- Chris R. 

Will, I have just subscribed to your newsletter and I look forward to your upcoming picks ready for Monday morning. Thank you for all your time help thus far. Excellent Tool


- Chris C. 

You are so right William on your observation of CNBC, I am happy to hear I am not the only one to see this. Thanks, Good Pick Man

- Bill F. 

Good pick... GNIN up to $1.18 a share it's already up since closing yesterday, and with the new news about selling at Whole Foods, is huge...


- Rome C. 

Hey Big Will! Thanks for the quick reply. Yes with etrade. But I was wondering if there was a GPSM site to log on to. Warm regards, Thanks For The Wonderful Gifts

- Jayner F. 

Will, thanks for sending the updates. This is customer service at its BEST. 

- Rene E. 

Mike P. -Hi Will...I know you probably get a ton of emails so I'm hoping mine gets thru :). Thanks for all the great info..even tho it's not free..I'm still thankful for your help. Your last email said congrats to all those who took the SSOL trade and I just wanna confirm that you didn't send out a sell rec and I never got the email. It looks like it's doing great... I'm at 100%+ now. If you have time lemme know what you think..hang on to it or sell. I'm a newbie and lost about $4k before I found you and this is the first trade I've purchased even though I've been with you since February.


- Mike P. 

Thank you so much william.. and thank you so much for the ebook.. i am going to view it i guess its my lucky day today. thank you. you are the best..  regards


- Edward F. 

Thanks and keep up the good work. You've given me a lot of confidence in staying with your newsletter.


- Andrew S. 

Hi Will, Thanks for all the help Will. I am having a little but if success here little by little.


- Rene E. 

Thanks, Will. I look fwd to making money with your group. Glad I found GPSM.

- Carson 

Bruh, I really appreciate this, thanks a lot.  I just signed up and ready to start make money.  LATF was bought today at .0134, should I sell this first thing in the AM or hold a little longer.  My account has dwindled but I thank GOD that this is being turned around to the positive with good guidance.  I have been reading charts almost everyday, sometimes 12hrs a day since the end of last year and this is something I have to focus on full time.  I'm ready and willing to soak up as much knowledge you are able to give.  I will read this pdf tonight to continue forward.  There are some things that I would like to ask you in order to learn from past mistake made..  I had been taken trades at their highs, what is the best way to avoid this?  Also, how do you determine how long to hold a position and when to exit? There are a lot of guys over the internet Will who profess to be trading gurus but I was led to you by good direction.  Your video explaining how you got into this is similar to what I'm going through now and I know it is a crucial point to me breaking out into a better new life.  Glad to be with GPSM.  Thanks and I'm ready to make this worth it for everyone..


- Van W. 


What can I say. Your picks are kick &&& !! Seriously. I have never seen these kinds of gains in a long time. I feel very fortunate! Keep busting these awesome picks out! 


- Gene

We are all defiantly excited for the new pick! Let's rock on!


- Bradon D. 

Ha!! I'm loving MRIB friend!! (mrib) cash out at 54% gains


- John B. 



Looking forward to getting the picks from you as well as joining your team.


- Yasin A.  

Will, This is Chris. I've subscribed to your paid newsletter on my real yahoo account c******* I want to say thanks for the free e-book you attached to your last email. It is a very eye-opening book. 

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to your coming stock picks.


- Chris S.

Thank you for the quick response and for the personal service. I have been a member of many trading newsletters but your's is the best!!!!!!

- Rich 

Hey William, just wanted to let you know this is great! I haven't started trading yet and already feel its well worth the money. Keep up the good work and thanks!


- Terrell H. 

Will, Good pick today. I made $250 on a $500 investment. Nice job on that. But now I gotta wait 3 days for the cash to settle. Hope I don't miss any more good ones. Thanks for the good pick you sent out!!! 

- Chris C. 

Thank you for the pick.  In at .0089 out at .0119


- Denna P

Thank you sir, I'm on board. Looking forward to building up my small stack $$.


- Ray M. 

Hi Will, Your emails have been so helpful.  I'm a novice investor and I really have learned a lot so far from your newsletters. Where do we stand with $FEEC$ I'm excited


- Martin A. 

Hey Will. I am really enjoying your service.  You have been doing a good job


- Larry L. 

Thanks for getting back to me so fast!! I did get in on this when it was at .0015.. Think I’m going to let it ride for a while & see what happens. FYI one of the best things I ever did was subscribe to your newsletter.. Thanks for all that you do!!


- Rick E. 

Thank you Mr. Bell for your persistent fortitude. 

- Bruce C.

Hello William  This has been my first day as a member to your GPSM... Meanwhile...I will keep watching your videos...much to listen to. much to learn...I am mentally ready...for your asking me do as asked when you share info as you do..." I can relate to that scenario..for I have employees..and if only they would listen. and do as I say..not a version of My patience will be intact...and my forward motion will be a crawl....and eventually a very assured steady walk forward..with a few obstacles from time to time...just teaches one to pick up your feet higher next time... I feel very good about you...and your heart is for sure in what you do..



- Jeff G. 

William thanx great job! 

- Phil H. 

Hey Will, I hope all is well, I just wanted to say I'm very happy that I joined this group. Although I have yet to pull in a profit, I feel as though I'm learning compared to other newsletters. I was successful in buying GACR & was surprised at how quickly it jumped & I was wondering if it was still on the radar because it hasn't done much lately. Thanks again,


- John M. 

Good morning Will, I have registered for your training classes. Good Job. 

- Devinder T. 

I am a new member and have been just watching for a couple of days from the sideline.  Today looks great ... just wish I had played. (GHRN UP over 56.25% gains)

- David H. 

William, Yeah I just joined late last night, I'm very excited I guess to get started with one of your pictures is why I was asking about today's picks. To be honest I don't know much about stock is why I picked your service I picked your paid service over a couple of others because I got the most informed emails through your subscription service without the membership.

Real estate is good it's just not instant money. The real estate market is picking up huge and I am working the bulk reo and foreclosure market steadily for the last couple of months strong. I am ex-military, however, I am becoming more and more an entrepreneur everyday and i thought this service would be a good addition to my tool chest, you look like an honest guy with good service and lot's of research you do for your pick's I don't have time to track is why i need good pick's Any rate real estate is awesome it's just not instant money every day, sometimes it can seem to get rich slow process. Hope that helps. Cheers,


- Joshua B. 

Good morning William, I am new to your newsletter and have done well so far and I thank you, I have had two symbols unable to trade in the last couple of weeks as I am with Choice trade. Do you recommend a brokerage to alleviate this happening in the future?

- Nicholas M. 

Trying to teach myself to use this TD Ameritrade software so I can get in there with you. I like what you are doing! Keep it moving bro!

- Ian D.

Hi, Will, Appreciate your transparency.  Not everyone would "take the blame" for exiting NVLX early. Hey, profit is profit!  Way to go! I wish I had jumped in on it.


- Dan M. 

Hey, William had a great day with NTEK.  Bought in a week ten-day ago  200000 shares at 0.0071 sold 100,000 today at .00195 for a good profit thanks. Holding 100,000 for more gains any advise

Phil F. -

Thanks for all the help William. I have only had good returns on your tips and not a single good one from anywhere else. Me being new to this I had no idea how it worked so I lost some $$ the first month or 2 listening to all the stock pumpers. Again...Thanks


- Mike B.

Hey Will, Thanks, I really appreciate the help.  I'm a little squeaky new at working a system like yours, instead of always being a buy-and-hold guy (boring). GSPT Closed at 56.25%


- Victor K.

Congrats Will, great call!Taking the 100k challenge

Badtothebone1k -

Good free pick on GNIN up to $1.18 now I understand not to put in a stop loss in when I enter the trade but why not after the trade has made some profit? That way the profits are locked in at $1.10 20cents a share better than a loss of 45cents a share. Fast Response


- Paul S. 

I'm excited to learn & profit with Your guidance. I need to know where to send the monthly Newsletter payment. Thanks

future millionaire


- Thurman S. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  As I've said are an amazing guy.  Wow, someone who actually cares, and takes care of your subscribers.


- Victor K. 

Will, you absolutely have the best penny stock newsletter and your information on potential stocks is absolutely fantastic. Thank you. I made 510.00 today on FNMA.

- Kelly C.

Hey Will, how often do you try to find monster runners like NTEK, or FMNA? Just wondering, love these plays like EPAZ, and SSOL, but wouldn't mind holding a month like NTEK and FNMA to get 4 or 5 baggers or more LOL, Thanks. 


- Drew B. 

Hey Will, got lucky on this one.  I didn't dump my AEGY and bought it at .0016.  Sold all at .0034.  Not bad for just being too lazy to sell when it pulled back.  Keep em coming!!!​


- K.C. 

I am excited to start this $100,000 challenge.

I made money using the free alerts


- Zevin C. 

Thank you really glad to have found this newsletter made money using your free picks as well. 

- O.D. Mitchell

LGBS---in at .0014---out at .002.  Thanks Will!


- Goo Fee. 

Looks like good picks all the way around.  Congrats.  I was off-line yesterday.  Bad day to be w/o technology!  <groan> Have a good w/e.  Hope you can send some winners next week.  <grin>


- Dan M. 

Thank you Will!!! Just made a successful trade today!! you are the truth!! Much appreciation!! Cant wait for future trades!! I am happy i Joined GPSM (FOR Life!!!!) :) Quame 


- Quame M. 

I'm very proud to say that I was able to get out of both ssol and epaz at the recommended sell prices with I think around 30% increases on both!! not huge but we are in this for profits right? Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you put your picks. 


- Bill F. 

Hey Bill, Steven here...I wanted to thank you for sending your picks, They are very good.I would like some information on what are the best small-cap broker to set up my Account with that has a Feasible Price Spread. I am very interested in the Monthly Training starting next Month. Can you tell me what day of next month it will start? So I can mark my Calender. Thank you very much!


- Steven W. 

I have already joined!!

- Chuck. S 


I just ordered from you. Roger H.


- Roger H. 

Mr. Bell:

Greetings! I bid you all great things! So to the point: EPAZ current strategy is required. Here are the facts:

1. I purchased a buy limit order at .0021, all or none, cost me roughly $1500 even. My timing was a little bit lucky and skill- so I tell myself!!!

Do I just lock in my profits and place an immediate sell market order- because my profits are over 30%? Or your other advice?

I'm so happy because I'm finally "in the game" and your newsletter is working!!!
I'm making $$$! Thank you!!! 


Glenn K. (***)*** - **** email: see above.

I understand that you are wanting to eliminate exits so we can determine when we want profits, but for those of us working during trading hours, we need to use OCA-type orders. For me knowing without your input, I will have to set all my trades at 10% profit because I can not closely watch them.


- Glenn K. 

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