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Frequently asked questions

Do I Need To Be Good At Math To Invest In The Stock Market

(Short Answer: No), But if you ask some Wall Street gurus they'll tell you yes, and then they'll try to sell you a fast track system to investing, but no... you don't need to be good at math to invest in the stock market. The truth is... winning in the stock markets boils down to 2 major things.... Yet 3 (simple math)

  1. Direction - Having a set pattern, or trading system that's designed to bring profits in from the markets.
  2. Discipline - You must develop the discipline to follow your trading systems at all cost except when extreme market conditons dictate otherwise.
Yet 3. Some simple understanding of math is required for hedging your trading profits. This prevents "The Streets" from taking back profits on the next trade.

Can I Trade GPSM Alerts Internationally

Yes you can trade US Companies if you live in a Non US country or Territory. Click Here For Details

How Long Does It Take To Be Good At Trading

This depends on your WHY. Why do you want to get into the business of making buying and selling companies which is investing at it's core? The more meaningful your reason to make money online trading usually equals the more time and effort you're willing to put in to learn this business and and win in the stock market. You get out of online trading what you put in, so we encourage new traders to go all in to be winners. Be prepared to weather losses and keep a disciplined mind when experencing winnings.

Do I Get A Discount For My Previous Purchase

Yes... to access your discount you neeed to

  1. create a ticket
  2. Let us know which previous product you bought
Please include the DSKU number with you ticket which can be found at the top purchase page of your GPSM product.

What's Your Refund Policy

GPSM Products that have Free Trials will not be eligible for a refund. Trading Newsletters and GPSM Fintech products will have up to a 30 day money back guarantee for first time buyers only; Video Training will not be eligible for refunds; Stock Market Mentorship wil be eligible for a partial refund for first time buyers only.

Do You Manage My Trading Portfolio

No, we are not Registered Investment Advisers. Please check with a professional Investment Adviser.

Can I Be An Affiliate Of GPSM And A Subscriber

Yes. Our affiliate system is coming online... Stay Tuned

What Percentage Of GPSM Members Are Profitable

Although we have a high rate of new traders that see success in the stock market, these results are not typical. To get a first hand experience of how well GPSM Community members are doing go here.

How Much Does Each Guest Writers Get Paid

Freelance blog rates per-post vary greatly depending on the need. You can expect to find writers rates around the $25 -$125 range for one article. Hired writers salaries are discussed prior to job acceptance along with health, wellness, retirement/security, and employee perks. For Freelance writers Click Here for more information To see our current careers openings go here. (coming soon)

How Do I Access My Alerts

Until the completion of the new GPSM Members area... all alerts will be issued to subscribers through our email platform

How Can I Cancel My Auto Renew Service

To cancel one or more subscription services please create a ticket and let us know.

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