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"Congrats on a good recommendation, Will... Credit where credit is due. $TCEL$ 100% gains today"  

- Dan M.

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Darn good stock picking newsletter!



Good pick today. I made $250 on a $500 investment. Nice job on that. But now I gotta wait 3 days for the cash to settle. Hope I don't miss anymore good ones. Thanks for the good pick you sent out!!! Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPhone

Good Organization! Up 201% in Profits.

Loving how organized this is!  Keep it up! Warm regards,  BRGO up 201% Gains

Not pleased! Disappointed.

BOY O BOY...That's a tail between your legs email...GREAT advertisement for your "training".  You'e not going to address all the poor guys that just buy your recommendations. and then just go off to work?  


*(*^ Twitter...what were the guys that can't trade during the day supposed to do???  I had the luxury of being able to watch it first...since most of the ones lately have been bad.  You really need to do a major mia culpa for those poor bastards!


HI William,


I've been following your email updates, I see your making some good picks of late.. Congrats..! I'm in Australia working for the next month, so really don't have any time to do any trading until I return, but would definitely be interested in signing up then..

Great Newsletter and Great Stock Picks

Hey Will

Just wanted to give you a big thanks and congratulations on the success of MWIP and ERBB. MWIP was the first stock I played using this newsletter and I only put in $385 just to test around, but I ended up getting a highly impressive 130% return in a week, and earned $503. That is a great start to my first pick with this newsletter as it practically just paid for a year worth of subscription, and it was worth every dime. I sold MWIP earlier because I panicked and was shaken out at the close yesterday, but I am also alot poorer than you and wanted to take a nice profit.  WGAS had a nice blast off from the open, but I think what caused it to dip so much was because their was a report that came out from that may have scared other people as well as me which I covered my loss quickly.


As for ERBB, took a little while to get going, but just amazing from here. At this point your probably up like 220% more than triple your investment which is pretty damn good for a stock that isn't a pump and dump. Too bad I was late on playing ERBB lol, wish I had. WGAS, ETNB, and CERP was a little rough, but I guess there was so much excitement from the huge success of ERBB and MWIP you probably felt the need to send more out, but no worries because you can't win everytime. Anyways, keep up the great work, thank you so much already, and this newsletter is worth every dime; or should I say penny!


High Regards

new member. 

I am a new member /// and have been just watching for a couple of days from the sideline.  Today looks great ... just wish I had played. (GHRN UP over 56.25% gains)

Just Signed Up Last Night


Yeah i just joined late last night, i'm very excited i guess to get started with one of your pic's is why i was asking about today's pick's.

Be honest i don't know much about stock is why i picked your service i picked your paid service over a couple of other's because i got the most informed emails through your subscription service without the membership.

Real estate is good it's just not instanst money.  The real estate market is picking up huge and I am working the bulk reo and foreclosure market steadily for last couple of months strong.


I am ex-military, however i am becoming more and more an entrepreneur everyday and i thought this service would be a good addition to my toolchest, you look like an honest guy with a good service and lot's of research you do for your pick's I don't have time to track is why i need good pick's Any rate real estate is awesome it's just not instant money every day, sometime it can seem get rich slow process. Hope that helps. Cheers,

$TCEL$ UP 100%

Congrats on a good recommendation, Will.  Credit where credit is due.   $TCEL$ 100% gains today

Good Service

Good morning William, I am new to your newsletter and have done well so far and I thank you, I have had two symbols unable to trade in last couple weeks as I am with Choice trade. Do you recommend a brokerage to alleviate this happening in the future?

Do your own diligence 

Im going back to bed, Its clear at this point you have no new pics to watch. I barley made it out with anything with REVO, becouse i got into the trading late, in the middle of trading and the trading only went down and i new i shoulda never done that. It toulk forever to sell and get out. I should have waited for a new pick, like my instincts told me in the first place. (DONT get in in the middle, This play has mostly already been played!!!!) But i was anxious to trade because i had so much anticipation built up for so long , i thought i could get in and still make a few bucks. That was my first trade ever. well lesson learned, i will not get in on the middle of a play ever again. Only enter in the beginning. ............ waiting for the new Picks...........

I like how they did this.

Trying to teach myself to use this TD Ameritrade software so I can get in there with you. I like what you are doing! Keep it movin bro!

An excellent newsletter service.


William  had a great day with NTEK.  Bought in a week ten day ago  200000 shares at 0.0071 sold 100,000 today at .00195 for a good profit thanks. Holding 100,000 for more gains any advise Regards

I'm Up $10,000!

Hey Will i am just writing this to say thank you for a wonderful newsletter .I have been a member for 6 months and my small account which started at 500 is at 10000.I just wanted to know how do you scan for stocks and anticipate their movements ,I just want to become better ,Thank you. Odale M.


Thanks for all the help William. I have only had good returns on your tips and not a single good one from anywhere else. Me being new to this I had no idea how it worked so I lost some $$ the first month or 2 listening to all the stock pumpers. Again...Thanks



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GPSM STOCK ALERTS is an ecosystem of stock market products for new traders, active day traders, and investors. We identify High Probability Stocks (HPS) Alerts for expected breakout trades and we teach people how to trade stocks. In 2012 we launched our profitable penny stock newsletter. 

Since then globally, ordinary folks and investors have become my students and we've created profitable traders that obtain freedom. No matter where you are located in the world, or time difference, you’ll find friends, community, and proven market products here with GPSM STOCK ALERTS.





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