General Customer Service

General Customer Service

Discounts And Coupon Codes

For discounts or coupon codes access our Special Offers, to do (coming online)

Do You Offer Student Discounts

Yes. However, the last stages of our student discounts and trading packages are in development. Stay Tuned.

I Want To Trade With GPSM But I Can't Afford To

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Does GPSM Offer Scholarships

Not at this time.

How Can I Cancel My Service

Create a ticket and let us know which service you need to cancel and we will take care of it.

My Payment Is Being Declined

If you're payment is being declined and you've already checked with your bank please create a ticket and let us know which service you're having an issue with.

How Do I Update My Billing Information

N/A our new customer portal is being developed as of right now PayPal is the main payment processor.

How Do I Contact TEAM GPSM

For technical support you must create a ticket from the support page.


To find out about careers and freelance openings (check back).

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