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Thanks for sending the updates.This is customer service at its BEST."

- Rene E

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Great Editor

thank you so much william.. and thank you so much for the ebook.. i am going to view it i guess its my lucky day today. thank you. you are the best..  regards

Just Subscribed

Hello I just subscribed to your service yesterday and would like to follow you on twitter.  

I signed up

i just signed up..... lets make it HAPPEN! Troy w.

Good Work

Nicely done.  I like your attachments!




Good Class

Will. Great class. I to hang up the last part to many people talking in the background.

Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android 


Thank again

Hey William thanks agin for the email. Can't wait to start making money with the team!  Kris S. (CFGX up 58% )

Next Alert!!

Hi Will,


I want to get in on the next pick that will be revealed by you soon...


Their on point

Thanks for everything, especially your patience.





Great Job

Thank you Will!


Do you maybe have the links to the previous seminars mentioned in this one? It would be much appreciated :)



Btw, great job on MRIB! I didn't get a chance to jump in on it, since my brokerage account hasnt yet been set up, but it is now! :)

Do you think it's still worth jumping in now and chase it? I read from the newsletter you're still holding a position in it.


Thank you again Will and best wishes!

Ash F.


Risky Investing Made Safer

Hi, William:


As a member I just wanted you to know that we appreciate the way you categorize the picks in terms of their riskiness.  I decided to shy away from DBMM, but I am following your recommendation on GACR.

Here's hoping they are both winners for us.

Off-topic:  I did get a text alert on DBMM, so I think I am "on the list".  I had questioned last week if I was or not.  Thanks for doing that, too!

Have a good week.  Hope you didn't bet on the Broncs!  That was (to me) quite a surprising outcome.

Good Analysis!

Thanks Will. I look fwd to making money with your group. Glad I found gpsm....



Just Ordered


I just ordered from you. Roger H.


Thank You I Signed Up!

Sent from my iPad

Bruh, I really appreciate this, thanks a lot.  I just signed up and ready to start make money.  LATF was bought today at .0134, should I sell this first thing in the AM or hold a little longer.  My account has dwindled but I thank GOD that this is being turned around to the positive with good guidance.  I have been reading charts almost everyday, sometimes 12hrs a day since the end of last year and this is something I have to focus on full time.  I'm ready and willing to soak up as much knowledge you are able to give.  I will read this pdf tonight to continue forward.  There are some things that I would like to ask you in order to learn from past mistake made..  I had been taken trades at their highs, what is the best way to avoid this?  Also, how do you determine how long to hold a position and when to exit?


There are a lot of guys over the internet Will who profess to be trading gurus but I was led to you by good direction.  Your video explaining how you got into this is similar to what I'm going through now and I know it is a crucial point to me breaking out into a better new life.  Glad to be with GPSM.  Thanks and I'm ready to make this worth it for everyone..

mrib up 54% gains

Ha!! I'm loving MRIB friend!! (mrib) cash out at 54% gains


SMS Alerts

Ok Will....I signed up for the early bird text alerts

Insider Winner

Will there be more insider picks released in the future?

Joining Your Team



Looking forward to getting the picks from you as well as joining your team.


Hi, William:


I'm new to GPS and I wanted to say that I appreciate these Opening Bell Addresses.  I work a regular job and i sometimes just don't have the privilege to be checking personal texts and emails immediately after I get to work.  Sometimes I can, but other times "no way".


So this is a nice option.  I hope it's a regular feature of yours, as I am already gettin' spoiled.  <grin>


     Have a good Thursday --- thank you.

I'm in GPSM man!

I paid for a subscription over the weekend.​

Missed Alerts



On a number of occasions, you have promised another stock pick by the end of the week.  This is the second time that we have come to the end of the week with no new pick!  Whats the deal man? 

GPSM is the best

Thank you for the quick response and for the personal service. I have been a member of many trading newsletters but your's is the best!!!!!! 

I'm In!!!

Hey Will

Can you give a ring later after you finish the closing bell.  I would like to discuss the different programs you have. I am in!!!!



Good Customer Service


Thanks for sending the updates.This is customer service at its BEST.

Bill, Thanks Very Much!!!

Hey Bill,Steven here...I wanted to thank you for sending your picks,They are very good.I would like some information on what are the best small cap broker to set up my Account with that has a Feasable Price Spread. Iam  very Interested in the Monthly Training starting next Month.Can you tell me what day of next Month it will start.So I can mark my Calender.Thank you very much! 

More brilliant calls

Hey Will, How I wish I could have got on the ANFI trade. It was too late for me. Looking forward to the new alert.




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