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"Will, thanks much for the ebooks! I definitely will read over them tonight!.. Just want to say that I've been eyeing your service for a while now & I feel it's a good service and stands out from many others out there!"

- Camron C

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Hi William,

I am interested in signing up for your program. I need a brokerage acct first, who do you recommend I sign up with that will let me trade penny stocks? Thank you,


Will, thanks much for the ebooks! I definitely will read over them tonight!.. Just want to say that I've been eyeing your service for a while now & I feel it's a good service, and stands out from many others out there! 

TRTC a major win!

Hey Dude, Awesome call on TRTC. Perfect set up and alert. Thanks man!

Grateful Subscriber

You are dead on with this pick. Sorry I ever doubted you. I'm making a killing right now. Are you still seeing 10 as our magic number? Thanks

Worth it so far I'm coming on board.

Hey Will,

I am impressed with what I have seen far. I expect to become a paid member this week. I am looking to forward to this adventure.


Keep up the hard work

My man Will you have been on fire this summer. I honestly think you have gotten better since I joined you back in February, your service has become more consistent on finding winners that move fast and go high. Keep it up!


Very smart guy. Keep it up will

They have a balanced investing approach to the markets.

hello William,  


Just signed up to the newsletter,  very exciting.  wondering what broker/platform you might recommend for someone in Ireland or the U.K.


I do appreciate what appears to be your very "balanced" approach...Im brand new to need a bit of you have a training video....where would I follow your trade recommendations...charts etc. 


thanks for any he[p you can offer...

looking forward to 2014


all the best


Just Payd

Hello, I did sign up for the monthly newsletter and did pay the fee. I am looking forward to the newsletter. 


Cleaner and Faster jason s.

Good support

Hey Will,


Thanks, I really appreciate the help.  I'm a little squeaky new at working a system like yours, instead of always being a buy and hold guy (boring).

GSPT Closed at 56.25%

Congrats Will, great call!

Taking the 100k challenge

Hello William! Bless you and thank you for sending me this information!  And most of all, I THANK YOU for being my mentor.  Last year I ran into some financial difficulties which caused me to drop out of your newsletter. Now with income tax time coming up I should be able to participate in the 100K challenge. You stated "I want you to prosper" THANK YOU!!!  I RECEIVE THAT IN MY SPIRIT! I will start reading the e-books this week. Thanks again and have a pleasant weekend!

Thank You

Thank you William. I downloaded both. Starting with Candlestick patterns. Even though its only 8 pages it's packed with info next to the diagrams. I signed up to your's pending. I use my own name. I'm happily surprised that you believe people can make money with just $50.00 as long as you know when to enter and exit.


Thanks again.


Best regards.

The best newsletter


you absolutely have the best pennystock newsletter and your information on potential stocks is absolutely fantastic.

thank you. I made 510.00 today on FNMA.

Signing Up

I'm excited to learn & profit with Your guidance. I need to know where to send the monthly Newsletter payment. Thanks

future millionaire

Hey will 


I seen that and keep up to date with your emails, I'm gonna make you a deal will, I'm 22 years old, now I'm very motivated and dedicated to doing this, I also can assure you I believe in your work, but can you do this one thing for me, you personally send me your next pick to your members and I will watch it and assume I played it the same way you guys did, if I'm satisfied I will be your $100,000 member, and if things really work out even colleague if your looking down that path to making a millionaire, I want this will! I really do!

Please give me the chance to a better life mate.


Kind regards,



Thanks William

thanks William i definitely plan to join you I like the way you seem to be transparent as a penny stock trader. Appreciate the free gifts look forward to being part of GSP thanks again, 

Lost 4k Before Signing With GPSM/ Up 100% +

Hi Will...I know you probly get a ton of emails so i'm hoping mine gets thru :). Thanks for all the great info..even tho it's not free..I'm still thankful for your help. Your last email said congrats to all those who took the SSOL trade and I just wanna confirm that you didn't send out a sell rec and I never got the email. It looks like its doing great..I'm at 100%+ now. If you have time lemme know what your thinkn..hang on to it or sell. Im a newbie and lost about $4k before I found you and this is my first trade I've purchased even tho I've been with you since February.


GPSM STOCK ALERTS is an ecosystem of stock market products for new traders, active day traders, and investors. We identify High Probability Stocks (HPS) Alerts for expected breakout trades and we teach people how to trade stocks. In 2012 we launched our profitable penny stock newsletter. 

Since then globally, ordinary folks and investors have become my students and we've created profitable traders that obtain freedom. No matter where you are located in the world, or time difference, you’ll find friends, community, and proven market products here with GPSM STOCK ALERTS.




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