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Thanks for getting back to me so fast!! I did get in on this when it was at $0.0015. Think I'm going to let it ride fro a while % see what happens. FYI One of the best things I ever did was subscribe to your newsletter.
- Rick E


Investing computers

I Did Not Receive My PC Yet

All Computers are sold through Amazon Services. Please contact them for any technical or customer support issues.

Should I Upgrade From My Current Computer

I'm very bias and a bit angry... in the early years I didn't see the need to have powerful deciated machines for trading, until I lost out on executing a trade that would have netted me $5,000.00 based on the entry and exit prices I had predetermined before the open. (I had my entry price set, I had my exit price set... but my imac crashed on the open :(
- My brand new imac 21in cut-off 3 minutes before the open and would not cut back on for 4 mins after the opening bell... then it proceeded to cut on, and off again for at least 15 mins. After unpluging it and walking away from that experience (seeing the trade go super nova) these all became strong influences on why the need for powerful pcs.

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