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"Hey, Thanks that would be great I will get that. By the way, this is still Adri. My mum, Tanya owns an Etrade account and I am just doing this for the experience because I am not old enough to have my own account yet. I have just been telling her your stock picks and she has been buying them with her account. So far I have doubled the $525 that I gave her from your stock picks so I am very happy"

- Adri 

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ERBB Massive Move

First time I had it at .04 then sold at ten.  Second time I bought at .11 and sold at .14.  Figured it would move again.  Then last friday I panicked a little and sold it.  Then regretted it right after and then I bought this week at .17 and now have. Normally I don't do the same stock back to back because it always bites me in the butt.  Lucky it has worked so far on this one.

Wish I would have kept the 15000 other shares I had months ago, but did not seem to be going anywhere.  

Oh well I am in the plus on this one

Good Reading

I read 1 out of the 3 books you sent me. I also read the legendary rules book and watched the videos which helped a lot. 

Good Materials

Hey Will, Just wanted to say thanks for the candlestick attachment.  I'm a new member to GPSM - not sure how this all works yet, but I'm excited.

Quick Responses

thanks for the speedy response... got in at $1.55  

New To Your System

I am somewhat new. I have been trying to trade using some of those PUMP and DUMP newsletters that seem to just cost me money.   That is why I will be joining you on Tuesday. I am really looking forward to this. By the way if you ever make it up to Yellowstone let me know.  I live 50 miles from it.  Thanks in advance

Worth The Money

Hey William, just wanted to let you know this is great! I haven't started trading yet and already feel its well worth the money. Keep up the good work and thanks!

Great Job, Will!


Fantastic call on your behalf today Will. Best I have seen from you in a long time. Unfortunately, I got in later than anticipated but still made over 40% so I am not complaining.


Just wanted to congratulate and thank you for the great call, and I also wanted to ask when you were going to do a longer term pick like MWIP or ERBB? because those took longer, but they turned into home runs making HUGE returns for everyone.


Thanks a bunch

I've learned from the free material. 

I bought IDNG yesterday (a day late from the big gain), and sold it, pretty much breaking even.. I should have held onto it, rookie mistake... but I've learned  from it.. figured out about up & down trends from that mistake, which is why I held onto MCIC... Have a good wknd, and I'll be joining your team next week..!

Newbie Investor


Thank you very much for the book! I will read it every chance I can. I work 6 and 7 midnights a week and watch my computer most of the day. I am trying to get my wife involved where she understands finances and the tools involved. With your help and guidance with your buy and sell alerts I hope to profit. 

Tech Issues

Is there a phone number that I can call to get help? I had originally received confirmation on 7/9/17 and paypal payment was confirmed &completed on the same date. When I tried to reconfirm today, it went to confirm paypal payment. I did that,  but it resulted in another payment forGolden Publishing. So, now I've paid twice on; 7/9/17 and 7/12/17.

I've Doubled My Acct

Thanks that would be great I will get that. By the way this is still Adri. My mum, Tanya owns an Etrade account and I am just doing this for experience because I am not old enough to have my own account yet. I have just been telling her your stock picks and she has been buying them with her account. So far I have doubled the $525 that I gave her from your stock picks so I am very happy.

Requesting a call back

Hi William, I am a recent subscriber to your service and I was not able to participate in this mornings stock release (suti) but i have a few questions for you about it. First i am looking at the stock range and it says it traded in a range of .0012-.0033 but i can't find a chart that shows the spike to .0033 letting me know when this occurred. Second do you use GTC orders to buy and sell your stock as I most likely would have had to place a GTC with your sell recommendation to catch the spike that surpassed the recommended sell price. 


Thanks for all your help

Losing Faith

I think your about 5 days too late on this recommendation!

$100,000 Trading Challenge

Good Morning Will,


I'm looking forward to your Challenge, this is the main reason I got into Penny Stocks in the first place.  I am attempting to understand how to get out of the 9 to 5 rat race and fall in line with the comment about working when the trades are active.   I am a retired veteran with little to no knowledge on the proper way to trade and still trying to understand how to put in all the proper stops and limits.  Not fun for a laymen, but I am learning slow but surely.  I have loss several thousands of dollars and was about to quit when I ran across your site.  I hope you continue to educate your community with proper techniques and that this challenge can be done by someone working during trading hours.  I currently have TD Ameritrade but am at a loss on how to us the tools.  I see everyone is using the thinkorswim function and I am downloading that today. 


Appreciate the fact that you give entry and exit strategies because I'm one of those you talked about using the other sites that push companies and that is how I have failed at this business



Free alert $SRGE$ UP 71% Gains

Hi William, 

I am interested in signing up for your program. I need a brokerage acct first, who do you recommend I sign up with that will let me trade penny stocks? Thank you,


Hey Will.

I failed to exit NTEK a week ago... It's up big today  Phil. F

Thank You Will

Hello Will,


first, I want to thank you for your service so far.  I have looked forward to receiving your email each morning and seeing an update or a new pick.

Done Deal I'm In

Done deal will! Will do this once I'm on the computer! I'm really excited and am dying to join up and would love to keep this one on one relationship with you! Thank you so much will!


Kind regards,


Revan N

Will Im In!!!

Will, I came on board today.

Overseas Trader

Hey William,  thanks for the response....would you know a broker service I could connect with over here... Ireland /UK.....also if I could read up on your picks and see respective charts.... 

I did look at the videos, but didnt get the nitty gritty so to speak...but a do like your approach and so far feel like im in good company.... all the best

TCEL 132% Gains

I made $130 total and 1st round in at $69 out @$135, then in @$199 out @$265 sweet deal,  decided not to gamble more on it. Saw there supposed to be news tomorrow and may use profit and get some back on a dip.

I really love your service and am anxious for the next alert.


Robert N

Great Calls

Just wanted to say GREAT CALL on TRTC!! Unfortunately, I am still sitting on some DBMM (that I bought too high hoping too quickly turn it over) and way too much ERLA (which is killing me!) So I probably need to suck it up on both of them and accept the bad decisions in order to have $ available or your next stock suggestion.   Again...awesome call on TRTC!! 

Recommend GPSM

I did sign up ! Curtis B

MISSING OUT ON TRADE... Fix this asap!

why do I not get the alerts?


I always get these emails AFTER the fact.


Thanks a lot 

This is a great way to make money

Good Day Mr. William. My name is Akeem and I am from Jamaica. Honestly you have been a great encouragement to start making more money. I am still saving towards starting my subscription. Things here in Jamaica are tight. I will subscribe soon. Thanks for your encouragements.


Yours Truly


Need to know

CAN you back up your words???,, I really need to know,, Thanks,,

poor management

Mr. Will,


I'm a little up set with you, I'm just getting back home from a play and I didn't know you were hosting a class tonight.  Can we have a little more advance notice when you will be hosting a webinar? 


Thanks and have a nice weekend,

Sheila W.

Do your own research: Not happy

Dear Will,


I was not satisfied with the service because I was not told via email that the exit goal for ERBB was .035 and I sold early thursday for .023 after I bought the stock for .0208 after the drop on wednesday morning of .016.Also,I did not sign up for the text service for $130 because I do not know how to text on my cell phone.I signed up for a one month trial for $47 plus tax.The graph for wednesday alone showed that the price dropped in the afternoon from .024 to .022 so I sold it to keep my profits.Unfortunately,the price rebounded back up to .0235 for the day.I will check on your nesletter later.Have a good day.


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