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"Thank you, Will!!! Just made a successful trade today!! you are the truth!! Much appreciation!! Can't wait for future trades!! I am happy I Joined GPSM (FOR Life!!!!) :)"

- Quame 

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Up 100% +!!!

Hi William,

Hi Will...I know you probly get a ton of emails so i'm hoping mine gets thru :). Thanks for all the great info..even tho it's not free..I'm still thankful for your help. Your last email said congrats to all those who took the SSOL trade and I just wanna confirm that you didn't send out a sell rec and I never got the email. It looks like its doing great..I'm at 100%+ now. If you have time lemme know what your thinkn..hang on to it or sell. Im a newbie and lost about $4k before I found you and this is my first trade I've purchased even tho I've been with you since February.


                         Thanks again...Mike

Love This Service

Thank you Will!!! Just made a successful trade today!! you are the truth!! Much appreciation!! Cant wait for future trades!! I am happy i Joined GPSM (FOR Life!!!!) :) Quame 

Overall trading loss

I have an overall loss with my trading but I learned from my mistakes and understand what to do. I got in to fnma and fmcc late in the game because I didn't have cash available and that provided most of my losses. From here on I understand what to do. Your insight is helping but sometimes due to my schedule I can't login to my account when there is a good buying opportunity.  

New To Trading

Hi William,


Well, I did my first trade with GRNH, n sadly it didn't turn out well. That happens, I understand, but I faced some problem while entering the order type in the e-trade account. Could you please tell me what should be the order type while entering the stock to buy. I mean limit or stop, what price etc . Similarly for selling. What should be the order type? I am a bit confused. I have an e-trade360 account n it does not allow me to see real-time quotes. Moreover, I cannot place a market order. How to tackle this? As I told before I am new to trading n these kinds of things are a bit confusing. Hope you understand. Looking forward to your reply and next recommendation. 



only 17% Gains

That's cute.. Try 1,600% on $UMDI$  (FNMA @ 17% Gains) 


I have a question how do I calculate the profits on the stock IMGGQ?

30% Gains

I'm very proud to say that I was able to get out of both ssol and epaz at the recommended sell prices with I think around 30% increases on both!! not huge but we are in this for profits right? Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you put your picks. 

Miss EXMT @ 300% money maker

Yeah I missed out on that one but I'm very excited for all who got in. My daughter was having surgery that day. I'm waiting patiently for the next gem. Thank you for the book. Take care

Ready To Learn

Man, bring on the coaching, thinking about getting back into EXMT but need to know what to look for.

Good reading material

Hey will

thanks for the book- man, that is like going back to college! ;-) cant i just follow you and ride your coat tail? lol

i actually followed ASFX for 2 years and bought and bought, and then it popped in 2008 when i had 20 milli9on shares or so... my account went to 1.8 million but i didnt get out fast enough- manageed to get about 700k out of it, and put it back into my lounge in san jose CA and lost my shirt...


ended up w a big IRS bill that i am still trying to work out.. and pretty much now starting from scratch- worked at bmw for a while and now i want to get back to trading and trying to make money.... selling cars didnt allow any time to do anyth8ing else :-(


SO... i will be getting an email at 730 tomorrow morning? I will be up and waiting for that email.. hope is a big winner! :-)


Thanks again for your help


Hey Will, I just wanted to make sure, were you still suggesting APDN? It has just been going down and I just wanted making sure. Should I get in on a Low, if so what's a good number to get in by, as of now the price is .236

Thank You so Much Will,

I paid, I'm in

Will, Thanks alot for replying to my email. I feel much better about paying for your service. And I will pay the monthly fee because you really seem like a smart trader. I've tried to do it on my own but I just don't know the right qualities to look for in a stock that will provide good gains in just a few days. So I tried the free newsletters and they aren't consistent. I hope this works out for me.


Thanks again and please keep doing what your doing.

Good Support

We still on track for mcic? I got in at 0.0129. A little nervous as the first stock I bought was GNIN with you. Thanks for your support!

Made Over 2K

Thanks Will,


Yeah I read all these good reviews about you guys and thats what drew me to you because I am tired of playing scam after scam. Honestly with FARE I gained 104% and made over $2000, but truth be told is I had to sell in the dump. Could of made so much more, but I just don't want to keep playing like that because it is just so stressful because you never know when a pennystock from any compensated newsletter will dump, and when they dump they dump FAST. Although I have become much more consistent and profitable playing pump and dumps, I would prefer to play penny stocks not necessarily going for the big 100-300%+ everytime, but to play something that is more frequent and consistent on a daily basis.


In other words i'm looking for something where I could have 1 to 2 nice, but not massive gains a week just to grow my account. I am a college student, have debt, and I love penny stocks, but pump and dumps keep me on the edge, and I want to continue trading picks where I can walk away from my computer for 20 to 30 minutes and not come back to find I am down 30-40% from being up over 25%.


Yes you can earn alot of money on pump and dumps, but more or less most people get slaughtered. And truth is a good pump may come out every 1-2 months and most of them are from APS or Victory Mark picks. Every now and then Best Damn Penny Stocks and The Bull Exchange will have a decent one, but for the most part they are all just selling shares and creating bag holders and I am just getting tired of doing that lol.




This is chris. I've subscribed to your paid newsletter on my real yahoo account c******* I want to say thanks for the free e-book you attached to your last email. It is a very eye opening book.


Thanks again for everything and I look forward to your coming stock picks.

I just joined

I have already joined!! Chuck. S

This is well thought out trades

Hi Will,


Very refreshing to have found you on the web! Gordon S.

I'm Excited to Join

Hey, William, I hope this is the right email address I'm sending this to but my number for the early bird text is 678-***-****.


P.s I'm really excited to be joining GMPS have a blessed day! Devonte

I'm in already!!

I've already subcribed Eric  F.

using GPSM portfolio suggestions

HEY WILL...a good time to re-enter TRTC...I sold off for nice profit at 1.40.... 

fast response


Thanks for the fast reply man! I just got your link & activated my subscription. Can't wait to get started on alerts next week. I'll be starting with 1500, and grow my account from there. 

Hope you're having a good weekend & looking forward sir! 


thanks bill

Will ........Thanks and God Bless.......Pete H.

joining you


I am ready to come on board.

good insight

Will, great call on ERBB. Hit target price of .035- still holding? What about DBMM, no status report/update since 02/11.  Stan S. 

up nicely



Love the tips

Love the tips. I'm new to trading just got interested a few weeks ago. Have not placed a trade because I'm trying to understand why you pick the way you do.  I'm I fell in love the candle sticks and the meaning combining them with an stochastic oscillator and  bollinger bands.  My question is what time period do u primarily use for your swing trading. 

Not Renewing My Subscription

Hey William how's it going? This is Curtis Celestine hey man just looking through your materials you sent me last week, just not satisfied so far with your newsletter I would like to cancel before I start getting charged the monthly fee. This is just not for me,Thanks!!!!


Chances are there will be a intraday pullback so look to enter there as the most auspicious entry price level. "

REALLY???  Good call on "chances are..."  You mean the one that happened over an hour BEFORE you sent this out???

Nice Efforts...

I appreciate all your efforts. I have had the worst luck with getting my orders filled. On top of that I am down On TDEY- I'm in at .0021

Prudent Trading

Thanks for the recap.  Always appreciated as the week closes.  Comments on PHOT?


It was nice to see BPAY make that turn.  I was able to get in when it had that dip.  Sub-pennies still scare me.  I guess better to be prudent than foolish, eh?


Have a good weekend.  Relax and watch some b'ball!


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