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"Thank you, Will!!! Just made a successful trade today!! you are the truth!! Much appreciation!! Can't wait for future trades!! I am happy I Joined GPSM (FOR Life!!!!) :)"

- Quame 


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Up 100% +!!!

Hi William,

Hi Will...I know you probly get a ton of emails so i'm hoping mine gets thru :). Thanks for all the great info..even tho it's not free..I'm still thankful for your help. Your last email said congrats to all those who took the SSOL trade and I just wanna confirm that you didn't send out a sell rec and I never got the email. It looks like its doing great..I'm at 100%+ now. If you have time lemme know what your thinkn..hang on to it or sell. Im a newbie and lost about $4k before I found you and this is my first trade I've purchased even tho I've been with you since February.


                         Thanks again...Mike


Love This Service

Thank you Will!!! Just made a successful trade today!! you are the truth!! Much appreciation!! Cant wait for future trades!! I am happy i Joined GPSM (FOR Life!!!!) :) Quame 


Overall trading loss

I have an overall loss with my trading but I learned from my mistakes and understand what to do. I got in to fnma and fmcc late in the game because I didn't have cash available and that provided most of my losses. From here on I understand what to do. Your insight is helping but sometimes due to my schedule I can't login to my account when there is a good buying opportunity.  


New To Trading

Hi William,


Well, I did my first trade with GRNH, n sadly it didn't turn out well. That happens, I understand, but I faced some problem while entering the order type in the e-trade account. Could you please tell me what should be the order type while entering the stock to buy. I mean limit or stop, what price etc . Similarly for selling. What should be the order type? I am a bit confused. I have an e-trade360 account n it does not allow me to see real-time quotes. Moreover, I cannot place a market order. How to tackle this? As I told before I am new to trading n these kinds of things are a bit confusing. Hope you understand. Looking forward to your reply and next recommendation. 




only 17% Gains

That's cute.. Try 1,600% on $UMDI$  (FNMA @ 17% Gains) 



I have a question how do I calculate the profits on the stock IMGGQ?


30% Gains